An interview with the man who brought us Cryptonomicon

“The kinds of really smart geeks who in the 50s and 60s would have been building rockets or something have been moving to Silicon Valley and creating startups to make little apps. That’s where a lot of our brain power has been going lately. But I do think it’s turning around and we’re now seeing people like Elon Musk, who made his fortune doing information technology. But he’s now turning back to the question, What can we now do in the physical world? Can we make a high-speed hyperloop that connects Los Angeles to San Francisco? Can we go to Mars?”

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Revenge fucking: or how to get your spouse to give up his SF hoard.

Some time back three couples descended into our republic and started browsing, when one of ladies was at the desk billing, I mention that we buy pre-loved Non-fiction, Science Fiction and literature the lady immediately says please help me get my husband to reduce some of his SF collection – it is overwhelming our mix at home, the husband states he will part with his books after his death. Here is a little strange experience that might help you on your quest madam…


sex in the 21st century

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