Holy Cat or a primer on how to heal our nation.

This is a small story of an how an injured cat can give a positive narrative on how love can overpower hate.

Holy cat all recovered with a batch of books heading to Goobe’s HQ.

Holy cat and my eyes met at night not too long ago. Normally this lasts for a moment with an animal, but I beckoned holy cat by hissing and he came to me.

Holy cat on the first night I met him – big hole in his side like the cancer of hate that plagues our nation under fascism.

While I was scratching his neck and pulling his ears gently I noticed a big hole in the side of his torso – hence his name Holy/ie Cat.

Went to the local pharmacy and the guy suggested betadine wipe followed by nebasulf powder after.

Did that for a week, one day the wound seemed better only to seem much worse and full of puss on another.

Started feeding holy cat curds and milk two times in a day.

Holy cat seemed to be needing a bit of attention, he used to come meowing while I was reading and jump on my lap for petting and when he wanted to he would jump in front of the monitor and watch me read or take a cat nap.

Got in touch with a friend who suggested a spray, which I never got around to getting.

Holy cats hole seemed to be getting better.

Dig a little bit deeper and find out my Muslim neighbor security guard had been putting coconut oil on the wound.

Found out that a neighbor on the other side – a Hindu had been feeding holy cat milk on a daily basis too.

A couple of days ago when I was done with work at night I saw Holy cat looking at something stuck in a net (which is meant to be a non lethal way of keeping out pigeons and birds – they shit a lot, like a lot over a period of time). There was a cutie little bat stuck in the net and Holey was in for a meal. At a risk of disrupting the time continuum by making an intervention (hah! just observation has an effect) I lured holey cat back to my work room with a cell phone charger and locked him in to have a dodo moment with cutsie batsie.

The little batsie was freaking the fuck out and trying to bite its way out of a bunch of knots.

Snip, snip, snip, snip and dodo moment was over with batsie flying into the darkness.

Let holey cat out and he seemed a bit pissed at being locked in and looked for the missing bat in the net. Later that night after leaving some milk for Holey and going to bed I heard a big cat kind of screaming (usually I ignore this thinking it is just cats fucking really loudly), I went out and holey and a saffron tabsie cat were having a screeching fight which looked nasty.

I stepped in and kept the container of milk next to my foot and gestured holey to drink, holy drank till he could not any more ever so carefully looking up at saffron tabsy on the wall peeking from behind a pillar. I then took the bowl of milk (symbolic of the nation) which had more enough for both holey and tabsy. Tabsy looked confused – WTF? Just a few seconds ago this human mofo was preventing me from what is mine – by virtue of being a bigger (albeit beautiful) cat. I waited for a while,  holey was looking at me like WTF bro? 

Fuck both of the cats, I left to go to bed and did not hear a thing after.

So back to Holy cat, what does this feline have to do with healing a nation?

Well, take the cat as a political party, they are both animals with different primal instincts, survival, growth.

The cat will kill to eat for its primal hunting instincts. A political party will use whatever it so deems fit to push its growth and maintenance of power.

The current fascist regime specializes on creating an atmosphere of hate and “the other” by pointing to a boogeyman that they have created for their narrative.

Most Indians that i know do not give a shit about politics as they are all bad, true, these guys are worse and will stop at nothing to maintain their power which is entirely based on fear/hate which they generate.

A temple? Most people would want a school or a hospital, something which will be of service to all and be done with the excuse the fascists make the people fall for every time, seriously folks are you that daft that you cannot figure out that you are being had?

The hole on holey cat is the hate/cancer that is being forced down our throats by the fascist regime, we can heal, we must resist and not support genocidal maniacs and hate mongers.

Holy cat – it once had a hole, which now is healed, healed by the hands of an Athiest, a Hindu and a Muslim together we work better.

Holy Cat or, a primer on how to heal a nation and oh yeah almost forgot #FuckFascism.

p.s. For some reason holey cat points his bum towards me while sitting on my lap initially, I need to push his back legs down to make him sit completely and read/work on the PC. I think a-somebody-is-up-to-no-good with holey cats butt hole and I know it aint the atheist despite his hate of fascism.

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