Six boxes of books or just some wet flatulence ?

Some times we do book buying house calls (depending on the quantity of books till this exceptional visit to an IT dudes house in Whitefield).

we buy books by the box

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When a book is a little more than just a book.

Everyone who reads has in all likeness read a book that has done something a little special to them. Perhaps it made you cry, it might have changed your world view, maybe act out of your “normal” self. You get the feeling that this book has to be propagated because of the effect it has had on oneself. You get this feeling a lot, with your increasing reading appetite.

But what about a book that has had an actual influence on you, it has had an influence on the person who recommended the book (which you can see) The book has the (un)intended(?) effect of being some kind of self help book, without really being a typical fucking self help book.

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Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris illustrated by Ian Falconer

This absurd collection of unique tales with anthropomorphic animal characters is perhaps a great gift idea for the current limited attention span generation, they are very short, have beautiful illustrations by Ian Falconer and reflect the shining mind of David Sedaris. Move over La Fontaine and Aesop, shit has gone contemporary.


Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk David Sedaris

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