Overheard at Goobe’s – Yuppie Fantasy

Twice or thrice a month we get a yuppie that walks into the store and says something like – Oh, man, my absolute fantasy in life is running a book store.

Well, that is absolutely fantastic. Going at this rate there should be at least 2 new bookstores in Bangalore a week, right?


Today’s yuppie was a pretty little thing that asked for the hilarious Curious incident of the dog in the nighttime by Mark Haddon.

Looked for the book and did not find it informed the lady that we could get a copy of it for her in a couple of days, which she agreed to.

I tried to push a copy of Marley and me (a book with a really cute puppy on the cover, that did not swing though)

She then went on to say “Oh, man, my absolute fantasy in life is running a book store.”

Under normal circumstances I would smile and nod.

Today, was not a day to indulge in this lady’s verbalization of her fantasy.

Went on to say that a lot of people do say that, but the thing is they lack the balls and conviction to actually implement their dream and take it to reality. To stubbornly persist and persist till you actually see your dream a reality and then suffer and persist some more till it bears fruit, not necessarily in the form of (asshole) VC money for a fucking abstract app or some other shit, but a reality, something that can be used for change, something that is representative of culture, something that can play the role of a sanctuary in this mad rat race of a world, something that gives a human connect to like minded people, curious people-some times obsessive people. A move away from individualism in the electronic world which is a reality today, albeit a lonely one. Human interactions, celebrating human creativity, suffering and ecstasy. A place where you can learn from a six year old, just because that six year old happens to be a customer, not any customer but a knowledgeable individual with taste, a taste which is most of time more discerning than a full blown adult (a sufferer of the human condition in all its glory.)

So do not just say you want to do it, do it.

Ernm, its just that I am a design student and we design books and I like being surrounded with books.

Well in that case let me suggest a better option, visit a fucking library more often, dwell in one, absorb as much as you can. Live in your fantasy in the real world, now.

Did I mention that we operate as a library as well?


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