Read this interview, you might begin to understand why we LOVE Jeet.

Why read?
I can think of no other pleasure as exquisite as sitting on a chair or lying on a bed with a book open on your lap – a book gripping enough for you to be able to lose yourself in that book and lose your mind and all the things that you think constitute you and be able to immerse yourself in somebody else’s head: I honestly can think of no other pleasure quite as acute as that pleasure. People who don’t know that pleasure – and there are many among us who don’t, especially in this fractured time of social media – I don’t know how they get through their day.


That’s right, Jeet has an electric heart full of love.

Verbal and musical performance by Zac O’Yeah & The Majestics at Goobe’s Book Republic.

Sometimes awesome stuff happens at our republic. Last Friday we had Zac at the store doing a reading with some blues playing, check it out and go and buy Mr. Majestic Hari as well as Hero for hire as well. The books can be classified as weird fiction with a beautiful coverage of our Bangalore, parts of the city we see every day but do not really see. Word on the street is the first book is going to become an indi movie reeeely soon :)

Verbal and musical performance by Zac O’Yeah & The Majestics at Goobe’s Book Republic


zac o yeah hari hero for hire

We are fucking HOT – or read this article.

There is nothing better than walking in to work on a monday morning to an article of your workplace describing its awesomeness (or hotness :P)


If you are the kind of reader who looks beyond bestsellers and self-help books, you might want to drop by this new bookstore. It’s run by people with a genuine passion for books. You only have to go through their blog to understand that they are serious about reading good literature… Read the entire article here


we are fucking awesome goobes book republic

Revenge fucking: or how to get your spouse to give up his SF hoard.

Some time back three couples descended into our republic and started browsing, when one of ladies was at the desk billing, I mention that we buy pre-loved Non-fiction, Science Fiction and literature the lady immediately says please help me get my husband to reduce some of his SF collection – it is overwhelming our mix at home, the husband states he will part with his books after his death. Here is a little strange experience that might help you on your quest madam…


sex in the 21st century

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