Curiosity – Noun – Strong desire to know or learn something.

Got a message from a colleague of mine about a talk on detection of meteorites and methods of detection. There were two expert speaking, the thing with curiosity is you get a chance to hear from an expert talk science, you make the time…


Science Movement in Bangalore

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Sometimes house calls are real fun.

Got a call in the afternoon regarding a bulk(ish) sale of books,  saw some photos of the haul and decided on making it immediately as the customer wanted to clear the books ASAP. The location was Kengiri which is way out of town. Got there, really earthy looking house at the dead end of a road, next to a chickoo orchard.

goobes book republic house calls B&W

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Book Review: ‘Second Nature’ by Sanjay Gubbi

It is remarkable that an overpopulated country like India continues to host the world’s largest tiger population. This can only have happened because there are success stories. It gives me great pride to be part of that world. It struck me that I needed to write a popular book where the chapters provided both information and confidence to young people who wished to take up wildlife conservation. The chapters of this book provide a mix of natural history and real world conservation experiences; it is the culmination of nearly two decades of real world conservation work – work that has had as many twists as a soap opera.’

Sanjay Gubbi mugshotjpgB&W

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Book review “The way I see it: A Gauri Lankesh Reader, Edited by Chandan Gowda.

When I visited her at her house, two weeks before her death, I noticed the bushy plants in it had been cleared. Her mother had got them removed for fear of snakes. The snake threat was always known and present but Gauri didn’t seem to mind. She was now planning to grow vegetables in the newly cleared area.’

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