“Comics are not books” or you are a fucking dinosaur.

Sometime back a customer was pointing out to his teenage son something which we believe is not true. The man did not want his son to pick up some comics before we had an instant intervention the man made the mistake of saying really stupid in our store: “Comics are not books”.


Ready to fall into a rabbit hole?

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While you are sucking the white out of a swiss roll on a cold mountain or shit thats been happening.

Sometimes being a bookkeeper is awesome, while really wanting to read something the urge to write pushes me. The problem is what the fuck am I supposed to write about? I start with the title for this post, reach the full stop and the devil and his bastard spawn walk into the store…

swiss roll bw

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Its time for Bangalore’s city corporation elections or all the bars are fucking closed.

Eagerly awaiting the end of the day to meet a friend and get really wasted yesterday evening, another friend mentions over evening cuppa that the bars will be closed, why? Because of elections, yes its that time again where we get to use our right to vote, the only thing on my mind was I wanted to drink and could not.


no drinking till saturday

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