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Hello, We have a situation. In Coorg and Kerala, the flood waters have subsided but lakhs of people are still in relief camps, many of whom are children. And these kids are alternating between crippling boredom and traumatic shock. You see, when the rains came, it is not only their homes that got destroyed — […]

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What good is an Architect in a library?

A picture speaks a thousand words – Fuck cliches this one has five hundred and seventy one words.
Besides the obvious – Some architects read (blah, blah, blah) & our last intern  was an architect. We got talking with this one when she was checking out a whole bunch of zines, she asked what was playing when I  walked in – Um, Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata Movement 1, 2, & 3 (Really good track to listen to on loop when you want to work on something fast). She mentioned she has been a customer for many years, used to learn to play the piano up the street at St. Mary’s church and never had a conversation with us – well we hate people too, most interactions are meaningless bullshit with no learning, she nods in agreement.

Architects should be designing buildings to look like this not with pop uglyAF mofo glass fascades.

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(Exclamation informal) expressing mild dismay or regret (used when someone has had an accident or made a mistake (also as a sexual innuendo, dig?)).

Whoops, MsMoss, it is not like this all the time, really.

Whoops #MsMoss no flash.

(A little backstory required.)

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