Why the hell is a bookstore talking about this combination of numbers? Besides the obvious – well it is a post from Goobe’s it must be some fucking crazy thing they want to talk about. On the first day of the month this is exactly the amount we billed. Now the thing is the amount is really a small figure, but we are eternal optimists…


69 is a great number to start at

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Post Chetan Bhagat apocalypse.

A couple of days ago I went to the amagon home page and I had a ghastly surprise as the home page loaded, the author who is literally a well known “public figure” is selling his new shit and has a banner ad (seems like all asshole sellout authors are promoted on the demonic spawn of Bozos (read this piece on Amish). We are book sellers first and discerning readers second. Building walls to prevent people from reading is a faux pas bourgeois phenomenon which we are going to indulge in right now…


Post chetan bhagat apocalypse

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You need to be a little wary of your kids walking into our papyrus dungeon.

Yes, we are going to say this straight out loud, be concerned, nay afraid when your young ones are in our realm. There is a certain thing called restriction that really makes us mad. Books have to be selected or suggested and the decision is the child’s to make, should I buy this book or should I take a pass on this one?

V for vendetta by alan more

V for vendetta by Alan More

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Sorry ladies for yesterdays shite post,


1.     Feeling sad or distressed through sympathy with someone else’s misfortune.

Well yesterday we wrote a post that was disrespectful to all ladies and there is no explanation we can give, we can however say sorry and as an expression of our regret we are naming tomorrow ladies day at the store. All our classics are on a special 50% sale (only for ladies), the sale is on only for one day (reality states we need to run a sustainable book store) starting 10:30 till 9 PM.

Once more we are really sorry.


Ladies we are sorry for some shit we wrote yesterday