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We care.

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GoBookBank is a NGO started by Goobe’s Book Republic with the objective of taking books to kids in the city that do not have access to books. We tie up with NGO’s that work with kids of slum dwellers, orphanages and migrant worker camps and take books to them on a mobile library. We work with the belief that reading is a requirement which should be accessible to all. We intend to see this belief transferred to reality.

Today will  be our first event, wherein we will do a reading of two books by Vinod Eshwar on the importance of planting trees and rainwater harvesting followed by making the kids plant seeds in compost made by Hasirudala and take them away at the end of the program to plant later in a choice of their location. We will also do a workshop on converting old plastic bottles into broom sticks…

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An Open Letter To All Of My Friends Who Take Selfies



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Dear Friends Who Take Selfies,

I want you to know that I love it when you post pictures of yourself. I know selfies get a lot of bad press, but I think they’re rad. They give me a little window into your life, and you’d be amazed at how much I can get out of one little photo.

I love your pictures because I love seeing what you’re wearing – the outfits you build give me ideas about how to mix it up with my own wardrobe, and seeing you work your shit gives me courage to try clothing that I otherwise might have thought was too outlandish or revealing.

I love seeing how you do your hair and makeup. You look like a hot babe and I wish you would make YouTube tutorials explaining how you get your eyeliner just so. I want you to post pictures every time you change your…

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An Independent bookstore in Bangalore has its best day of sales, ever…

The emperor Charlemagne falls in love with Fastrada. The dudes that run his court (read bureaucrats and leaders of the emperors realm) are a little worried. The emperor is neglecting the state, as his love is his all. The chick dies, but the dudes love for the lady does not falter. He embalms her (eew) and leaves the body in his bed to lay by his side, while he does some sick shit with the body (double eew). The archbishop (asshole religious leader) is convinced of evil enchantment and orders his minions (probably his procurator) to investigate. Lo and behold the minion finds a ring under the tongue of the dead lady (note to self efficient minions need to be procured for any evil world domination plan – Hitler had Goebbels, or was it Himmler? I forget but it is irrelevant, really). The bishop hides his ring in a secret place (subject to interpenetration-that autocorret error was intentional ) and the emperor falls in love the archbishop (triple eew). The bishop is alarmed-was the emperor too old to be an alter boy? (bad pun intended) and throws the ring into a lake. The emperor falls in love with the lake, now this is really a happier ending (than an old dude who digs old men in frocks that don hats or a dead chicks), right?

What has this bloody weird tale with a fucking ring have to do with An Independent bookstore in Bangalore which just had its best day of sales ever?


Tale of a fucking ring, love story right?

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Book lovers from south Bangalore vs downtown bookseller

A family from Bangalore south walked in to the store last weekend and our interaction went a little like this.

We ask the folks if they need any help, they say the kids are looking for books, we ask the kids if they need help, they smile and say no they are fine. The son picks up a second hand copy of the super awesome The lord of the rings trilogy J. R. R. Tolkien. The price of the book was about fifty percent of a new copy. The man asks for a discount (which is fine, we explain our policy) he then says that is too much in a day and age where books are sold by the kilo.

Under normal circumstances that statement would have been enough to have us flip the fuck out, but somehow that did not happen.


South Bangalore book lover vs downtown bookseller

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