Dear Old man writer and editor.

Being booksellers can be fun, How? By virtue of working in a bookstore we are privileged to invisible filters – people who read are usually more fun to interact and play with. Yesterday morning an elderly gentleman walked in and gave us our boney by buying a copy of the Ultimate Xmen graphic novel and pointed out to a copy of the awesome Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and smiled and said its been a long time since he had seen this book in a store, well that certainly got us excited.

Snow Crash

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Want to have a magical moment? Visit an indi bookstore.

First thing that comes to mind while thinking of a magical moment – Disney World, an interaction in the park which defies explanation while getting an unforgettable experience, leaving an impression in a good way. What does that have to do with visiting an indi bookstore? Well, this happened yesterday at Goobe’s.

magical_moment_at_an_indi_bookstore, best_little_Bookstore_in_Bangalore

Magical moment at an indi bookstore

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