Taking a horse to the water and making it drink.

Sometimes clichés just do not cut it. How do we get the horse – non readers, to read? Unfortunately, we do not live in a culture where we can force feed people or do we? Think about it, your soap operas, your favourite news channel, your paper, your line of sight while on the road – all those billboards.

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Why books are a safer bet than drugs.

Besides the obvious fact that books are cheaper than drugs, depending on your poison of choice, books are generally give you a better trip too.

You are going to save money and learn something new.

But going out to the hip and happening places means you meet new people and hence are exposed to new thoughts or ideas.


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We see glowing grey cells and they are beautiful.

The beauty of buying seconds from customers is that you get a chance to peer into a collectors mind. You get to see patterns, interests, hurt and some times obsessions. When you come across a big lot of books, this would have to be over 50 books pretty pictures turn up. Say five boxes of books? You might have landed up with a lifetime of book buying. Patterns, interests, obsessions. Always obsessions. What?

Obsessions, thing with people who read is that they are a really curious lot and sometimes go to extremes to quench their thirst, to get satiated.

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Not able to find enough time to read?

Well besides you making up this silly excuse not to read (which we do hear a lot at our store) you may not have realized that you are restricting yourself to what you already know. Trust me on this one, you do not know shit.

Here is an interesting article by Laura Vanderkam on how busy people make time to read.

Give it a shot, it is an interesting article.




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