We see glowing grey cells and they are beautiful.

The beauty of buying seconds from customers is that you get a chance to peer into a collectors mind. You get to see patterns, interests, hurt and some times obsessions. When you come across a big lot of books, this would have to be over 50 books pretty pictures turn up. Say five boxes of books? You might have landed up with a lifetime of book buying. Patterns, interests, obsessions. Always obsessions. What?

Obsessions, thing with people who read is that they are a really curious lot and sometimes go to extremes to quench their thirst, to get satiated.

Some times we ask our customers what they do, they might look at us a little oddly but somehow do not mind answering.

Last time I asked a guy who was into insurance, he responded that he was a bullshitter to which we asked him if he did it professionally. (naive goobes that we are)

Thing is most of the times, based on the books and the books alone we get a feeling of being with family, belonging.

Some book lovers are solitary creatures.

Sometimes we do not fit, it is difficult to relate to people who are stuck in a void of ignorance.

A void you might ask?

Yes a fucking void, people who do not read choose to remain stagnant, with the exception of exposure to the mass media and popular culture.

Fret not my friends, if you read, you have a worldwide family, you do fit in, you belong.

Your family is open and understanding.

How do you find your family?

They will be reading a book, lost in another dimension.

We know you, we see you and share a common love.

We see your glowing grey cells and they are beautiful.

Neurons firing

Neurons firing


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