Pet peeves.

Being a basement (cave) dwelling librarian is good, but it gets boring, hence the requirement for a pet peeve – Composting with Daily Dump.

We get to go to different places and see tonnes of new faces.

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Overheard at Goobe’s ; collective sacrifice – an illusion.

Over the last thirty days an event of epic proportions has occurred in India, over 60 people have died, farmers markets have collapsed, a large flight of capital from the peoples hands has shifted to the banks which are going to make loans to the privileged cheaper, labor markets have collapsed with no money to pay for daily wages, the banking system is devoid of cash to function their basic operations, the federal reserve system does not have the capacity to fill the void of demonetized notes, today while sitting at the store this enlightening conversation between two customers, more a monologue occurred, you may want to really read it…


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