How to influence a republic or bring your fucking pre-loved books.

Being delusional grandiose fucks has its benefits, we dubbed our selves a book republic while starting the store. Why? Well in the true spirit of the word republic we would find an ideal place where individuals matter. If you are wondering how the last seven years the republic has been influenced, read a little further.


Bring your fucking pre-loved books.

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Two couples or somtimes shit gets really fucking weird.

On this day of Eid we have had a couple of interactions with customers at the store which for the lack of a better word have to be classified as plain weird…

You might want to read to this music for mood (It was playing in the background when this played out)

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While you are sucking the white out of a swiss roll on a cold mountain or shit thats been happening.

Sometimes being a bookkeeper is awesome, while really wanting to read something the urge to write pushes me. The problem is what the fuck am I supposed to write about? I start with the title for this post, reach the full stop and the devil and his bastard spawn walk into the store…

swiss roll bw

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2 interactions at the store or never hate people based on their first statements.

This just happened, a mother and her (twentish) daughter walk into the store, the lady asks if we have Elena something, Elena Ferrante? Oh, do you mean My brilliant friend from the Neapolitan trilogy? (Big wide smile from the mother, yes, please) Well we can order for a set of her books and could get it in 5 days. Oh in that case I can order for it on flipkart (fuckkart, madam. I hate this woman already) I tell her that she can order for a copy of the book from flipkart and not talk to me, seriously why are you even in a bookstore?


You get to choose which foot is gonna cause a hurtin/lovin.

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