2 interactions at the store or never hate people based on their first statements.

This just happened, a mother and her (twentish) daughter walk into the store, the lady asks if we have Elena something, Elena Ferrante? Oh, do you mean My brilliant friend from the Neapolitan trilogy? (Big wide smile from the mother, yes, please) Well we can order for a set of her books and could get it in 5 days. Oh in that case I can order for it on flipkart (fuckkart, madam. I hate this woman already) I tell her that she can order for a copy of the book from flipkart and not talk to me, seriously why are you even in a bookstore?


You get to choose which foot is gonna cause a hurtin/lovin.

She looks at me a little odd and then says she used to run a bookstore which is now closed. I tell her that her store is probably closed because people order online. She then says it was a niche kids book store in Indranagar 15 years ago (I heard 50) and say Indranagar was probably a jungle back then, she then states that she is not that old and corrects me that it was 15 years ago. She then says she organizes books for a school and wondered if we procure books, we then get talking books and about our outreach slum program, her daughter says NO do not say slum, say community program. I say even a community of hipsters on LSD are a community and the word is inappropriate, she settles at urban outreach program. The daughter apparently was on the teach for India program. The mother informs us if we need any help doing story telling, she could help. I say, wow that’s perfect could you guys train volunteers? The duo say yes, the daughter says she can cover it. We exchange contact details and then I tell the mother I will send her a quote for the trilogy (and also mention that I had ordered for the first book to read myself as it was highly recommended by a friend of mine) The ladies buy some books smile and leave, the mother promises to bring books for our outreach program.

The second interaction was with a customer who bought the awesome Bleeding Edge by Pynchon. See the thing is when people pick up awesome books, we mention that we buy books – Non-fiction, Literature and Science Fiction (we get some of our best pre-loved books from customers). The man smiles and says all the books he has are from a library and thinks the librarian would be angry if he were to sell them, I correct him and say the librarian would be fucking pissed (hey we run a library and can empathize with tortured librarians.

Lesson for the day, stay calm never hate people for their horrible sounding initial statements.

Peace Out!


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