How to influence a republic or bring your fucking pre-loved books.

Being delusional grandiose fucks has its benefits, we dubbed our selves a book republic while starting the store. Why? Well in the true spirit of the word republic we would find an ideal place where individuals matter. If you are wondering how the last seven years the republic has been influenced, read a little further.


Bring your fucking pre-loved books.

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A little thing called love.

Love, a four letter word that is a whole other world. Things are are not quite the same while one is under the influence of this most potent of all drugs. Is it just a chemical state of mind of comfortable bliss? Or is it a dangerous substance that has to be controlled by those that be?


a little thing called love, booksellers at goobes book republic

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Book lovers from south Bangalore vs downtown bookseller

A family from Bangalore south walked in to the store last weekend and our interaction went a little like this.

We ask the folks if they need any help, they say the kids are looking for books, we ask the kids if they need help, they smile and say no they are fine. The son picks up a second hand copy of the super awesome The lord of the rings trilogy J. R. R. Tolkien. The price of the book was about fifty percent of a new copy. The man asks for a discount (which is fine, we explain our policy) he then says that is too much in a day and age where books are sold by the kilo.

Under normal circumstances that statement would have been enough to have us flip the fuck out, but somehow that did not happen.


South Bangalore book lover vs downtown bookseller

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“Books can make you go crazy”

Couple of days ago two corporate type yuppies walking out of the store after spending about three and a half minutes in the store happened to say the most beautiful thing, blah, blah, blah…you do not want to get into “reading” as books can make you go crazy.

Conventional wisdom would probably disagree with the yuppies. My colleague and myself silently smiled (a little crazily?) in agreement.


Books can make you go crazy

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When a book is a little more than just a book.

Everyone who reads has in all likeness read a book that has done something a little special to them. Perhaps it made you cry, it might have changed your world view, maybe act out of your “normal” self. You get the feeling that this book has to be propagated because of the effect it has had on oneself. You get this feeling a lot, with your increasing reading appetite.

But what about a book that has had an actual influence on you, it has had an influence on the person who recommended the book (which you can see) The book has the (un)intended(?) effect of being some kind of self help book, without really being a typical fucking self help book.

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