A little thing called love.

Love, a four letter word that is a whole other world. Things are are not quite the same while one is under the influence of this most potent of all drugs. Is it just a chemical state of mind of comfortable bliss? Or is it a dangerous substance that has to be controlled by those that be?


a little thing called love, booksellers at goobes book republic

What is it that makes everything else secondary? Irrelevant? Ask a person who has all the the answers and one might get an answer that sounds a little like this – Hormones regulate lust attraction and long term bonding, we have a lot less control over who we are attracted to and who we fall in love with than we think.

You see a person in a bar or hang with someone a little more than normal, you immediately imagine yourself kissing, touching and having sex with that person, this would be the first phase of love. This stage would be controlled by two beautiful chemicals, testosterone and estrogen they are key players in this beautiful game, they play the role of you wanting to make babies, yes – fucking babies.

The next phase is a cocktail of chemicals – (think of mixing your drinks-buzz times ten, yes that’s it) Dopamine, serotonin and adrenalin. This makes you well a little like a zombie (walking around with tunnel vision, seeing only what is on your mind, your final destination). You spend time in angst, thinking about the person constantly, eating less and perhaps even sleeping less, last thoughts of the day and first waking thoughts would be the object of your affection, it cannot just be because the person is the person in front of you, it IS a little more than that. Dopamine can give you a high that is well a lot more potent than a whole bunch of lines of coke, seriously. Adrenalin, racing heart, dry mouth, cold sweats on that second date where your date might actually disappear. Serotonin? This is responsible for your OCD like behavior where you cannot think of a single other person.

Vasopressin and Oxycontin I am not even going to get into, this is a bookstore post.

Why the fuck are we taking about love?

Well, it is the reason that we do what we do. The beautiful thing about being in love with our work is it is no longer work, just sheer bliss. A couple of days ago a family of four walked in and experienced our love-what we do on a daily basis (unless you are an absolute asshole-If you are read this ) While leaving the mum and dad were going one after the other like this.

How long have you been doing this?

You obviously love what you do.

You should not change a thing, just remain the same.

Well, we intend to and most certainly will not change our passion for books.

(the family which lives in Delhi and shuttles between Bangalore and they are considering a library membership for their daughter, yes this is the greatest distance between us and a library customer, you might be in Delhi but our love will still be there for you.)

Look at it this way when you ask us for suggestions, be a little open (we are not saying buy everything we suggest – though buying something at our store makes sure we will be around for a bit longer) read the covers, the blurbs, take a whiff of the book, whatever – if something gives you a little flutter in your tummy, you are there. You just might be holding a winner in your hands.

With book lovers this goes up a couple of notches, books will be given, more than you can digest perhaps, it is not because we want you to od or get readers indigestion, it is just because of chemicals within us make us go a little overboard, attraction can happen for reasons beyond comprehension, go with it, see where it takes you, get familiar with some awesome authors who have really touched us, maybe they might touch you to.

All this because of a little thing called love.


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