Taking a horse to the water and making it drink.

Sometimes clichés just do not cut it. How do we get the horse – non readers, to read? Unfortunately, we do not live in a culture where we can force feed people or do we? Think about it, your soap operas, your favourite news channel, your paper, your line of sight while on the road – all those billboards.

Yes, whether you realize it or not you are being force fed.

Not quite in the way Alex was “re-rehabilitated” in Burgess’s awesome A clock work orange by the Ludvico technique. Beethoven is probably still twitching in his grave.

So we are going for a slightly passive-aggressive push.

Start with a desire, a desire to know more.

Take a library membership (if buying a bunch of books is too expensive an option). Take more than you need, if the book does not quite cut it, you can always return it later and still have another option. Today I found myself on a 3 hour journey and had 3 books at various stages of progress. Three fucking books. Yes, choosing which one to read is always a pleasure when you have a choice and choice you do have with a library membership.

Another benefit of having more than one book is at any point of time, if the environment is not conductive to reading, say your partner’s snoring just does not seem sound like the moonlight sonata any-more. Your concentration goes kaput and you need something lighter, say a lighter work of fiction that does not require your undivided attention.

Key is when you are selecting the books is to pick books that catch your attention.

Now here comes the aggressive push.

Do not start reading because you feel you should be reading. Reading beyond required material in school or college or work is forced reading, do you actually enjoy it? Read for the sake of pleasure or reducing your lack of knowledge would be good reasons to start.

Kind of like being single and having a superfluity of options over the weekend, wide open like endless rice paddy fields waiting to be explored. Not like the restricted skyline of a metropolis with small smatterings of space between a crowded skyline, compressed, boxed in.

Read, expand your mind space.

river side


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