Why books are a safer bet than drugs.

Besides the obvious fact that books are cheaper than drugs, depending on your poison of choice, books are generally give you a better trip too.

You are going to save money and learn something new.

But going out to the hip and happening places means you meet new people and hence are exposed to new thoughts or ideas.


Ok, lets be really honest here in most cases you meet drunk assholes, regret having stepped out or in some cases get titillated by a chance meeting with miss kerala. (You ask the most logical question – what in the world do you think of when you are on the ramp?)

Cost of a second hand paperback is either half or the cost of a good craft beer, sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the betterment of your grey matter.

Want to save more money, get a friggin library card.

In “developed” countries these are usually FREE.

In other places like ours, they come cheap.

Still not willing to spend money, no problem hit the free ebook band wagon if it is not in public domain, try a torrent. (hey we are a developing nation and do not want to contribute to bullshit IPRcrap, give us maybe another 50 years and we’ll get back to you on that)

So get lost.

Get into the mind of an abomination created by a crafty author.

Learn something through history.

Shed a couple of tears.

Learn how your life has been like a sheep with blinders.

It is cheap (or free)

It is super handy to carry around, think of all those mosquitoes, flys or annoying assholes you can whack with a book.

Books are a safer bet than drugs, you smart little book worm.

sheep with blinders

books drugs


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