Pre diwali sales or sometimes we LIE.

It is a long holiday weekend over here in Bangalore, the madness of the city has moved to the highways as most people are going to their “native” places to visit family, do Pooja and basically have a good time. But the reason for this post is a cute family with two daughters walked into our store today shopping for Diwali.


science fiction

Yes you read that right Diwali shopping in a bookstore, how forward thinking is that. I ask the dad if they need any help, he asks for the Science Fiction section (by the end of this question I was in love with the family already) I point the daughter who was looking for SF to our kids/tweens/SF section.

The girl runs up a mighty pile in no time flat and somewhere in the conversation I hear the word “Diwali”. I ask the dad if he was Diwali shopping. He says that yes they are spending the girls Diwali budget in our store (I want to get up and hug each and every one of them immediately). He then asks me what in my opinion is the best kind of books for his daughters to read, without a moment of doubt I say SF is by far the best kind of fiction to read. It helps open minds, experience forward thinking, see how regressive ideals limit or destroy. You can think of experiences well into the future using realistic hard core science or imaginary science of the future. SF is the best kind of reading for the young mind sir.

The man picks up a copy of the fantastic “The Martian” By Andy Weir, he opens the book and starts to read then points out the opening lines to me…


I’m pretty much fucked.
That’s my considered opinion.
(Damn you Andy for such fucked up opening lines, come on dammit, kids are going to be reading your fucking book, be a little considerate)
The father asks me, do you think this is appropriate for girls who are in high school?
(Weir, fuck you for fucking up my sale -dammit)
Sir, if your kids are online they will be exposed to such expletives, in school as well in all likeliness. Please do not judge the book by its opening lines, it is much better than the movie as it has sooomany juicy bits of science. The man is not convinced.
(I am sorry Andy, I tried, I really did)
The girls bring their stack of books, one with “SF” the other with mostly classics. He asks for a figure, the figure was over budget, the girls are asked to cull. The girls cull. The man asks them if they are sure they want these books, the girls coo in union YEEESSSSSS!
I shut my mouth and bill. Hidden (actually not really hidden-six paperbacks of the PC Kristin Cast tweeny vampire romance) among the pile for the older girl. (Am I causing some irreparable damage over here by not pointing out that angst filled horny vampire stuff does not fall into the SF bracket? Is the father being robbed of his investment in SF for his girls? Is the girl going to miss out on some really good SF because of her choice on a Diwali budget? Would the beautiful sari clad mother be shocked with the kind of running around vampires do these days in books? Why the hell was this shit in the store to begin with?)
I collect the money for the bill, smile thank all of them, wish them a happy Diwali in advance (These girls are really lucky to have such parents, not wanting to piss away their Diwali budget on firecrackers but on books).
Goobe’s Log: Long holiday weekend October 2015.

Our pre Diwali sales have been inspirational.

Books instead of fireworks.

Any kind of reading is awesome (Science Fiction really kicks ass though)

There is hope for humanity, some people do actually care for their minds.

Sorry folks sometimes we really do LIE.


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