Macha, I love Bangalore ra

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Bangalore, the once Garden City of India, Pensioners’ Paradise, home to peaceful and quiet filter coffee lovers, has now become Traffic City, polluted, expensive, unsafe and has been engulfed completely by the IT bubble , with an influx of people from all over India. I have seen Bangalore transform gradually, step by step and then rapidly, felt the pang of poignancy when I saw the once abundant CMH road with its canopy of trees which sheltered the affluent Indiranagar on a mildly warm summer day, stripped bald to make way for the Bengaluru Metro, watched with sadness as I saw the bicycles and bikes on a scantily crowded road being replaced by cars whose numbers almost equalled the population.  The irony of it all is when someone complains about the traffic, sitting in his car, waiting for the traffic to slowly inch forward, blissfully unaware that he is also contributing…

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Spring Clean.

gerund or present participle: spring-cleaning
clean (a home or room) thoroughly.
“it was Veronica who spring-cleaned the flat”
Today we had a brother and sister (who have the same family name but one of them chooses to spell it differently) drive by the store in a car with a boot and back seat full of books. I ask the good folks if they are selling or making a donation. They say donation, we say thank you and start taking the books down the stairs to the store. Quite a few trips later I ask the two of them what’s the deal with them letting go of their books.

So what do you want, really?

Sometimes one needs to ask the most basic questions, caught in the noise of ones own mind and ego, basic questions usually go unasked and hence go unanswered. Ask your self this question, ask your loved ones this  question. Listen to their answers, the key is to listen. In most cases the answers will be really basic and easy to achieve. Why should one even give a shit? Well, if you give a shit, you give a shit and if you dont,  stop reading now.

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As an experiment we sometimes introspect at the way we work, sometimes a better word may be madness. This week we had a delivery of over 400 books. I am not going to be ashamed to say this, there is always a small percentage of arrivals that land up at home and come back to the store when they have been digested. Last night, about 30 books went home in a box. The general plan was to head out to a pub, drink and get wasted. A little doobie was sparked and I was sorting these 30 books based on reading priority…

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Es muss sein.

Lets face it, we are animals restricted by the limitations of what society deems acceptable. Let yourself go, sometimes it is just required. There are all kinds of barriers that are going to come in the way… A whole bunch of dudes in between that one dudette that you want to get down an dirty with, there will be the cock blockers, there will be the nay sayers, there will be the friends who will say “whoijyoo you are on a dating site?” the shame, lets not even begin with relatives.

So once you get past the initial speed bump where do you go? Say a “banging” app (in the words of one of my less eloquent friends) Should you cruise sexaholics anonymous meeting in your city a-la-Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. Follow the escapades of Victor Mancini. Take up work in a theme park where pretty much everyone is fucked up and wired to the brim, been there done that.

choke_Chuck Palahniuk_goobes

Choke Novel by Chuck Palahniuk

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