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Communism for Children
The following are excerpts from the upcoming English translation of Bini Adamczak’s Communism for Children, a fable of capitalist dystopia and communist revolution. Translated from the German by Sophie Lewis and Jacob Blumenfeld.


Foto : Kommunismus - kleine geschichte, wie endlich alles anders wird?

Odd interaction?

An elderly gentleman, a repeat customer of ours returns, selects some books and heads to the desk.

The books total up to 400, I tell the man if he crosses 500 he will get a 20% discount.

He says give me the discount now, i’ll buy more the next time.

I will not remember.

I will remind you.

I do not want to be reminded, we have a policy and it sticks.

A pair of long legs returns to pay for some previously selected books and thankfully waits.

The man goes to select another book to make up the difference.

The lady pays for the book, smiles and leaves.

The man is back, gets his books billed and then asks me if we buy books.

I say yes we do, non fiction and literature especially.

He says he wants to keep those books dearly and sell his pulp.

(Sure, dammit we’ll take pulp fucking reluctantly)

I then give him his books and he reaches to grab the book I am reading which was on my lap.

Hellou? Personal Zone violation.

That book is mine sir.

I know, I wanted to check it out.

I smile and give him the book, he looks at the front, flips to the back mumbles the contents of the first blurb and stops at a word.


He eyeballs me and gives me a look of disappointment.

The book was Doomed by our beloved Chuck Palahniuk.

We read weird lit, like it or not, bitches.


Sometimes when we are bored…

Being a librarian is an awesome job to have.

We check out books, we buy books and sometimes we burn books.

Sometimes we get to ask a member what they think of a book that is being returned.

Sometimes we take a peek into our big red book.

Big red book? You mean like a big red book?

Yes, we are old school because we are bad ass.

We have big registers as a record of borrowings from the republic.

Sometimes we take a peek into pages, history of the progress of a mind burrowing through our selection.

Fuck mini lists which are a passing fad on Facebook.

This is the mother-load.

Sometimes you see patterns.

Sometimes you see chaos.

Sometimes you see traces of madness.

Sometimes you see obsession.

Ah, this is a little like looking into a persons mind.

This just to pass time?



We are on today’s Hindu Yo!

And love will find a way…


Avoiding the twilight zone.

All of you kiddies who enjoyed the books and movies, I am not talking about that crap.

Ye older folks might be smiling right about now, yes The twilight zone.

One of the advantages of being a book seller is that most of the folks that stumble into our den are inquisitive.

Good right? 

Well right and wrong.

The fact remains that we are open to the public, which means sometimes shit gets crazy.

Repeat customer walks in – immediate freeze frame memory brings back a bad vibe, I feel a twitch beginning, I ignore it.

Have my friend sit at the desk while I go for lunch.

I come back, he is still there.

He comes to the desk with some books and asks for a discount, 

I immediately remember I made an exception to the rule for a discount – we give a 20% discount when the bill is above 500, trust me some times shit gets really insane.

I regret my earlier mistake and now have to pay for it, the man has a crazy sparkle in his eye – you know, the one which makes you want to run away… thing is I cant run, I need to deal with this shit.

I say we give a discount of 20% if the bill crosses 500/-

He says I want a discount and gives a slight smile and his crazy eyes are well, still crazy.

I repeat we give a discount of 20% if the bill crosses 500/-

He repeats I want a discount.

I tell him I am not going to repeat myself and ask him to leave the store, nicely.

He stands there looking a little surprised.

I say either you do not understand what I am saying or you are a crazy person, either which ways you need to leave.

He blinks, still looks a little surprised and just stands there looking at me, blinking.

I say leave now, I do not want your money.

He finally relents pays for the books.

If you ever find your self in a situation where you have to repeat your self more than twice realize this, you are very close to the twilight zone.

Logic says quick, get out quick.

You know you are treading dangerous unchartered dimensions.

The outcomes will certainly be bizarre and are not for the faint hearted.

You smile to your crazy little insignificant self and ask your self one question.

Do you feel lucky today?

Close your eyes, smile,  jump into the void.





Japenese Dosa chef in a book store.

Book stores are great places to meet people, the beauty of the setting is the fact that people come in for books, they come in with a thirst or just with an intention of being entertained by browsing or sometimes finding something they may or may not have been looking for.

Some time back (june 2010) a jolly Japanese man came in to the store asking for a recipe book on Dosas. Yes, we did have a book for the man. The thing with Mitsuru is he had this warm glow of energy coming out of him when he just uttered the word Dosa. This kind of joy is hard to see and when you are in the presence of it you need to feed it with love.

I took him to our neighbourhood Darshini and introduced him to the owner. Mitsuru promptly crossed a barrier where regular customers never cross and went to the dosa plate. He looked at the owner while smiling and pointing to the ladle with the dosa batter, the owner smiled and Mitsuru got an impromptu dosa making session.

He came back to the store later and took a photo.

So why after all these years am I writing about this interaction?

Mitsuru walked into our store today smiled took out this photo from 201020140815_142959

I immediately remembered his visit to the store and his interest in dosas.

He takes out a card and smiles while saying he has a dosa cart and now a dosa restaurant in Japan. Now this news has just fucking made my day. If you are in Japan do check his dosa joint out. Japanese dosa man

japenese dosa man card

Or if you are no where near Japan, check out his site masaladosa.jp :)

Joys of working in a place open to the public.

Well most of the time we love our work and sometimes we really, really, really just get the feeling we are not really at work but are just at a place passing time getting entertained. Sounds like fun right, well it kind of is.

One of our regular customers is in the house as we speak. He has been diagnosed with dengue and is apperently either under some really good drugs or is just delirious from the virus.

Either which ways the conversation is fun.

I am going to be in the hospital for about fourteen days and donot want to see depressed sad people.

Take a couple of books, keep your mind occupied and escape from depressing thoughts.

Please turn down the volume ( Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 blazing in the background)

You donot like classical music?

No the dengue has made me really sensitive and this music is killing me.

We being kind caring individuals chuckle and turn down the joy a bit.

I have a face book girlfriend.

Oh, that’s pretty cool.

No its not, all she wants to do is talk, talk talk….

Blah, blah, blah…. “why did you let the mosquito bit you?” blah, blah, blah,

Hrn (what do I say – perhaps silence is an option)

Please sir take a seat, have a look of these books.

I went through past life therapy for kicks and had someone watch to see what happens.

I was Aurengzeb, he goes on for a bit about what a bad ass mughal he was.

A thousand times good night – husband to a wife – Romeo and Juliet. (he opens one of the books given and shows the quote at the beginning of the book)

The guy points out to the line covering “night” and says that would be the case for lovers for a husband and wife it would be replaced with “we fight”

You should write sir, if a dude like Chetan Bhagat can you write – anyone can write.

Why so serious?

We do live in a mad, bad world. When you have the time and someone comes to you for your attention, listen, be kind you might just enjoy the conversation.

Goobe’s book republic – giving free listening therapy since 2009.



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