noun: lick

1.     an act of licking something with the tongue.

“The man gave the electric car a good lick”

The act of licking something is usually restricted to the biological requirement of say wetting ones lips or in the process of stuffing something down ones gob. Why restrict your self. There are so many things that one can lick or should lick. Lets not get all sick over here this is a legit book store page. The most recent memories of licking some thing are listed.

This morning when I was crossing a parking lot I saw a really ugly boxy car, seriously fucking wanted to regurgitate my breakfast then and there. But, the car happened to be a Reva-E20. While passing the car I somehow found myself drawn to it. Its shiny neon green colour was well mouth watering. I just had to go an lick it, it tasted metallic, I did not get a shock, I liked it, I did not get a boner like Ballard in J G Ballard’s epic Crash.

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Nine circles of bookseller hell.

We are an underground book store so in terms of being closer to hell, well we are. Over the past 5 years we have had many wonderful experiences and for the ones that have not been so nice, this piece is meant for you people – just so that you know what is coming your way. Be very afraid, and change for the better before you go through one of the Nine circles of bookseller hell…

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make (an urban or desert area) more verdant by planting trees or other vegetation.

Giving a shit sometimes requires a little bit of introspection. How can we make the whole bloody place (wherever-the-fuck-you-live) better? How can an individual make a change? Is it even possible for an individual to make a difference? But the whole world is fucked anyway, why should little ol me give a fuck?

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Wanna know what books are fucking banned in Guantanamo?

There is a really funny thing that happens when a tap that is flowing to a trickle faces a situation where even that is being restricted. Sometimes the tap just fucking bursts. Metaphors aside sometimes you can just replace “Banned” books with “must read” books. Yeah this shit is real. There are some real surprises in this list. Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting (he has no fucking idea why his book is banned – we think it is because of the shooting the dog in the park scene)

Guantanamo_bay_reading_list, banned_books_guantanamo_bay.

Guantanamo bay reading list.




A structure carrying a road, path, railway, etc. across a river, road, or other obstacle.

What if you were to cross a bridge which would quite literally take you to the end of the world? What if you had to choose between two bridges which would both take you to the end of the world in alternate universes? What if regardless of which one you choose you end up exactly where you were when you began? What would be the point of even the journey, let alone the act of crossing the proverbial “bridge”?

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