Collisions are bound to happen, it is just a matter of time, statistically speaking at least.

On the subject of collisions here is a beautiful mashup.

We think so at least.

J G Ballard’s Crash and this cover version by Trent Reznor


Romance is dead, but incase you are hurting we got you covered.

We have been bitching and moaning for the last year that at our store romance is dead, the body has decomposed and has been disposed of clinically.

Well, here we go one more time romance is fucking dead.

What we mean by this is that our romance section has been given the big fuck off.

No mills and boons, no georgette heyer and we are going to put that last copy of twilight on a stake soon.

Now going a little bit further there are so many books which have been inspired by love, some of them are just awesome.

The thing with love is sometimes it can be so overwhelming and beautiful, but occasionally leaves you like road kill or a dichotomized body from a shark attack.

Basically you feel really fucked.

Here comes the interesting part.

You are not the only person in the world who has or is suffering.

Lo and behold to aid you through your suffering, you can read yourself to recovery.

And in case you are not interested in that right about now we have a couple of books on the subject of recovery say how to avoid certain traps, kinds of personalities, how not to take shit and how to get yourself back in order.

Then you might then have an epiphany, that this too shall pass.

In the mean time head to your local independent book store and in case it happens to be our store, please do not ask for fucking romance.


Sometimes your past comes to bite you in your arse.

We have been running this republic for a little over five years and have happily sold a whole bunch of books in the short time that we have been around.

In the beginning we had issues with actually putting up a lot of books that well, we were attached to or were attached to us.

It was hard, sacrifices had been made.

Many memories, many customers, many associations, a few lovers all frozen in time.

Every once in awhile though you get a blast from the past.

Last week one of our suppliers landed up at the store with a lot of book, happy times buying books – and we do it everyday.

A book stood out, hardback, covered.

It beckoned.

I look at the cover.

A familiar face.

I smile running my fore finger lovingly down her deckled edge.

I open the book, take a deep whiff, so intoxicating.

Close the book look at its rear end, it has our tag.

Freeze frame, we had this book four years ago and I remember the customer who bought the book.

I buy the book along with a bunch of others.

While tagging the books, I come across a book of poems inscribed for the customer.

I ask the supplier where he got the books, he is a little reluctant.

I tell him I am not going to judge him or go after his source.

He relents.

I wonder what has happened to this customer.

Where is she right now.

Has she left her neighbourhood? The city ? This continent ?

Is she dearly departed?

From what I remember an image of getting books from this woman would be trying to pry a witches stash of dried toad nuts from her dying fingers.

Or maybe someone from your past walked into the store with the sole intention of biting you in our arse.

ass munchto begin where i am, Czeslaw Milosz

An equivalent of an apple.

Hopefully it is no secret that we buy pre loved books, we have a regular ebb and flow of customers who bring us their papery possessions which hopefully find new happy hands and eyes.

Some people come on a regular basis.

There is this elderly gentleman who comes and sells us books on a regular basis (I am pretty sure before retiring he used to sell books for a living and is now selling for either the love or kicks. Fact is he is a sweet old man.

Today while he was unpacking his goodies he took out a plastic bag full of guavas.

He looks at me and says these are not for you.

He then smiles, opens the bag and gives me one.

The first image that came to mind that this is the equivalent of a teacher getting an apple. (for you turds that are thinking about the brand – FUCK YOU)


Wondering what happened to the poetry band wagon interms of ebooks?

Sometimes the intention or the structure of the works of a poet can be changed drastically when the digitization process is done by money hungry monkey junkies. But there is hope.

Just incase you have not heard of  John Ashbery and are into poetry, you might want to slap yourself and check his work out.

Read this.


An interview – Donald Barthelme

Sometimes you read a book that has been recommended by a friend.

Sometimes you finish reading the book, just done with the last line on the last page.

You close the book and think what the fuck did I just read.

The dead father by Donald Barthelme is one of these books.

It leaves you frozen stupid and curious, curious as to what the book is about and drooling for more from the author.

Well here is a neat interview of the man.

Check it out, get a peek into his head.

donald barthelme



Movies these days.

I used to be a big fan of movies some time back before I bit the book bullet (no regrets). This article caught my attention and dammit. Read this article there is some really sick shit happening on screen.

There are a few which seemed worth checking out though.

Which ones?

Free will bitches, use it.

come here


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