Japenese Dosa chef in a book store.

Book stores are great places to meet people, the beauty of the setting is the fact that people come in for books, they come in with a thirst or just with an intention of being entertained by browsing or sometimes finding something they may or may not have been looking for.

Some time back (june 2010) a jolly Japanese man came in to the store asking for a recipe book on Dosas. Yes, we did have a book for the man. The thing with Mitsuru is he had this warm glow of energy coming out of him when he just uttered the word Dosa. This kind of joy is hard to see and when you are in the presence of it you need to feed it with love.

I took him to our neighbourhood Darshini and introduced him to the owner. Mitsuru promptly crossed a barrier where regular customers never cross and went to the dosa plate. He looked at the owner while smiling and pointing to the ladle with the dosa batter, the owner smiled and Mitsuru got an impromptu dosa making session.

He came back to the store later and took a photo.

So why after all these years am I writing about this interaction?

Mitsuru walked into our store today smiled took out this photo from 201020140815_142959

I immediately remembered his visit to the store and his interest in dosas.

He takes out a card and smiles while saying he has a dosa cart and now a dosa restaurant in Japan. Now this news has just fucking made my day. If you are in Japan do check his dosa joint out. Japanese dosa man

japenese dosa man card

Or if you are no where near Japan, check out his site masaladosa.jp :)

Joys of working in a place open to the public.

Well most of the time we love our work and sometimes we really, really, really just get the feeling we are not really at work but are just at a place passing time getting entertained. Sounds like fun right, well it kind of is.

One of our regular customers is in the house as we speak. He has been diagnosed with dengue and is apperently either under some really good drugs or is just delirious from the virus.

Either which ways the conversation is fun.

I am going to be in the hospital for about fourteen days and donot want to see depressed sad people.

Take a couple of books, keep your mind occupied and escape from depressing thoughts.

Please turn down the volume ( Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 blazing in the background)

You donot like classical music?

No the dengue has made me really sensitive and this music is killing me.

We being kind caring individuals chuckle and turn down the joy a bit.

I have a face book girlfriend.

Oh, that’s pretty cool.

No its not, all she wants to do is talk, talk talk….

Blah, blah, blah…. “why did you let the mosquito bit you?” blah, blah, blah,

Hrn (what do I say – perhaps silence is an option)

Please sir take a seat, have a look of these books.

I went through past life therapy for kicks and had someone watch to see what happens.

I was Aurengzeb, he goes on for a bit about what a bad ass mughal he was.

A thousand times good night – husband to a wife – Romeo and Juliet. (he opens one of the books given and shows the quote at the beginning of the book)

The guy points out to the line covering “night” and says that would be the case for lovers for a husband and wife it would be replaced with “we fight”

You should write sir, if a dude like Chetan Bhagat can you write – anyone can write.

Why so serious?

We do live in a mad, bad world. When you have the time and someone comes to you for your attention, listen, be kind you might just enjoy the conversation.

Goobe’s book republic – giving free listening therapy since 2009.


An article from the TOI with us in it :)


On the friend-twilight zone.

Today is apparently friendship day, fucking yeah, woohoo.

The winner of the most difficult position to be in at any point of time in your life would be if you were to be caught in the friend zone.

What is the friend zone?

A popular culture definition would be where there is a platonic relationship where one person (usually a man-is in this case the bitch) wants to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship while the other is reluctant.

(Green butterfly with black dots comes in to say hello-hello busserfly)

green butterfly

Essentially this is a torturous place to be especially if you are madly in love and the object of your affections is within close physical range with you on a constant basis.

If you were born catholic this might just be up your alley as you have been conditioned to accept suffering already.

In some cases you might find your self seeing and saying really strange things like whatever-whenever-wherever, upon saying these things or seeing a situation you begin to think that this is just so fucking weird like you are in the twilight zone.

What are you to do about it?

Well, knowing a little bit about the human condition the only thing I can say is – suffer and enjoy the experience of the suffering.

Say you are fucking someone and you are thinking you are fucking someone else? Fucking twisted right? Wrong?

My heart goes out to you, you poor fool.

The next thing I can say when in doubt, read a book, a good one to read in your condition would be Torture the Artist by Joey Goebel. Your predicament might not seem that bad any more. Read while listing to Van Cliburn’s performing Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1, B-flat minor, its a good performance.

Friend-zone willy wonka

No more books

no more books

Giselle and a hardbound Electric Feather.

The wee hours of the night are the best time to get some heavy reading done. With the assistance of a bit of music, the experience takes on a whole new dimension.

The thing with living in a bubble avoiding the mass media and just reading books that land up at the store, sometimes randomly something good comes up. In this case the book caught my attention as it had a piece by our beloved Jeet-we worship him seriously.

It is a collection of south Asian erotica, its been sometime since I have read something funky and currently I am facing problems focusing so it fits perfectly.

The first piece by Sumit Basu titled – The wedding night is well not quite something one would find at a wedding night – hope maybe, find – doubtful. It kind of gives a happy twist to being in the friend zone.

The advocate sheds some light on how beautifully fucked up lawyers can be or anyone for that matter, communal tensions, a shocking internship into manhood.Electric-Feather-

Paromita Vohra’s Tourists is well kind of a mindfuck at the same time very sensual, it involves two people time travelling after one of them sucks the chocolate off the others finger.

Jeet Thayil’s “Missing Person Last Seen” well is just plain and simple sexy. For those who have had the pleasure of meeting the man or hearing his music can hear a few lines jump out in your mind, like he is actually speaking to you.

All in all we would highly recommend this book to all people, maybe even a wedding or anniversary gift, maybe something to share with your lover?

The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics by Gary Zukav

The Wu Li Master dances with his student. The Wu Li Master does not teach, but the student learns. The Wu Li Master always begins at the center, the heart of the matter. This book deals not with knowledge, which is always past tense anyway, but with imagination, which is physics come alive, which is Wu Li. Most people believe that physicists are explaining the world. Some physicists even believe that, but the Wu Li Masters know that they are only dancing with it.

The “new physics” of Zukav’s 1979 book comprises quantum theory, particle physics, and relativity. Even as these theories age they haven not fully sunk into the collective consciousness. The Dancing Wu Li Masters is an engaging, accessible way to meet the some most profound and mind-altering insights of 20th-century science seamlessly resemble statements made hundreds of years ago by Buddhist & Hindu texts.
This book is also very relevant from the aspects of philosophy, history, and sociology of science.

Stripped bare of mathematics, physics blending with philosophy is pure enchantment for the curious but mathematically challenged!


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