Like anything which is driven by a strong desire, something like an obsession. How do you finish a book from cover to cover? (How indeed? There are so many distractions, other books from a hoard for example.)

The answer to these questions is simple, acceptance that you do not know shit, the only way to change that is by reading – a little obsessively perhaps?
The next best thing to that is to look up living dictionaries/encyclopedias/experts/people who live their obsessions through their work.
Of course, the rule of thumb of experts need not always apply, you can learn something from anyone, the key is to ask questions and pay keen attention while getting an answer, this is the juice that you live for, extracting any single drop you can get in your Sisyphean quest to end your ignorance.
Perhaps you land up at a domain space intentional with an agenda of getting answers to things that are bothering you and more importantly being positive (fucking difficult for a nihilist). You get your answers, you see a pathway leading to change, maybe nothing comes off it, but at least in a year from now you will not have that nagging thought that you never asked or never did shit about something that moves you to tears every day.
Since we are a bookstore some bookish shit – Take Ahab for example, that old fucker was possessed with obsession – Kill that humongous Dick, did he listen to his mates? Did he turn around to dream of canned tuna? No, he followed his obsession. Or perhaps take Humbert ² ‘s obsession with Lo, not for the lulz, this was some serious shit obsession, Legal? Fuck that shit, the reader gets caught up in the plot-becomes complicit with the obsession, words that poetically describe this chain you.
An obsessive couple that I have come to have known over the last 8 years in books, sightings at readings, signings, India Coffee House, the store – recycle. Description of how the dude does not read books in English anymore, just the languages he is learning, he fulfills the obsession of buying English books and giving it to his wife to read, a book dropped on the floor – a religious plea for forgiveness followed by a quick pick up of the book, a quick dust and an embarrassed look while securing the book in an armpit out of gravities way.
Walk into any place with a book, why? Because life is full of fucking shit and in between that shit, there is time to read, read you bloody will – only if you have a book handy. Now here comes the really uber sexy kind of pad for a sapio, a place with minds that read, a lot, o check out what I am reading #gujaratfiles by Ayub (Seriously, you need to read this one post haste) – o hold on a sec you may enjoy this – #bloodonmyhands by Bhattacharjee – its about staged encounters – shit, sometimes I think ignorance is bliss – fuck that shit – existential crises based on awareness of reality which is staring at your face, but is denied acceptance – fuck ignorance – want to know more – need to know more, there is no happy ending, there is no sunset, just lesser ignorance and more books to read.
Want to suffer more? Suffering is beautiful, small moments of monster happiness can be truly appreciated, pick o so yummy brains – no garnish required – feed your obsession – what we really need in this time is curious people who do not accept the alt truths thrown at them by a compromised media, seek out answers, read, call out bullshit when you spot it, you think the times are bad? Well, they are just going to get a lot worse, the narrative has to change to a better future a little beyond our current troubles, at the end of the day nothing really matters anyway – feed your obsession, get off on an orgasm just by learning, be a sapiosexual, but please not over something as silly as fucking cricket.
p.s. If you do not know where that cover photo is from, you need to ask someone who digs sick shit.

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