Overheard at Goobe’s ; collective sacrifice – an illusion.

Over the last thirty days an event of epic proportions has occurred in India, over 60 people have died, farmers markets have collapsed, a large flight of capital from the peoples hands has shifted to the banks which are going to make loans to the privileged cheaper, labor markets have collapsed with no money to pay for daily wages, the banking system is devoid of cash to function their basic operations, the federal reserve system does not have the capacity to fill the void of demonetized notes, today while sitting at the store this enlightening conversation between two customers, more a monologue occurred, you may want to really read it…


Two ladies walk into the store, one visibly excited with what she was talking about, I may have missed a lot from the conversation but it went a little like this.

… that is a typical example of “Our boys did not die in vain” syndrome, after the First world war the Italians decided on liberating two parts of the Austro-Hungarian empire which were held unjustly. Politicians gave fiery speeches vowing a return to the days of Roman glory… Thousands of youth joined in on the madness and headed to the front-line thinking it would be a cake walk.

The front-line was at a strong defense line of the Austrians who slaughtered the Italians in eleven glory battles. The first had a loss of over 10,000 souls, the second 40,000. the third 60,000… this carried on for two years till the Austrians finally counter attacked and pushed back the Italians to the gates of Venice. Total loss of lives of Italians over 700,000 with over a million wounded.

At the face of their first loss, the Italian politicians faced two choices:

  1. Admit defeat, sign a peace treaty. How could they justify the deaths of children of the country to the bereaved parents? Hey, we made a colossal fuck up and your kids Staskio and Hutchovineio died for no reason other than this.
  2. Hey your kids died in sacrifice for the country, they are martyrs etc. etc.. We go on fighting till we kick the lederhosen wearing fuckheads asses and victory will be ours.

No guesses as to which way the politicians went, imagine the plight of injured soldiers, would they believe that their sacrifices for the greater good were meaningful or was it a case of satisfying the whims of self serving politicians? There by implying all was done in vain. The easier of the two would be to live in the fantasy, which gives much justification to the sacrifices.

Another way this grand delusion can be pushed on to the masses is through the form of religion, through sacrifices. Religious leaders have been cluster fucking people for ages with this knowledge. If you want people to believe spaghetti monsters in the air, great creators, great prophets with magical powers, natural elements with mysterious powers, get them to make sacrifices, the harder the sacrifice, the more convinced people are of this mythical being, sounds all to familiar? A villager sacrificing a goat to the god Uranus will be convinced that youranus exists, how else can one justify the stupidity of the sacrifice? This is extended further by more sacrifices, just to admit that all the goats were not sacrificed in vain.

This same delusional behavior helps politicians to manipulate people to get to do their bidding – How can I admit my kids died in vain on the front-line? A more enlightened way of viewing things is I have been personally fucked over by our leaders, war is a fucked up way of resolving issues, from now on I will use my disability to fight for peace, so my injury will have meaning…

Now replace war and sacrifices, with the great sacrifice that we are making for the “greater good” due to demonetization, speak to anyone, even really poor people who have been raped by this measure, they will say they support the sacrifice for the greater good, see look in today’s paper this bahn chod has been arrested with so much of new currency.

Oh! It is a war on terrorism funding- bullshit.

Oh! Its a war on black money hoarding – bullshit.

Oh! It is a move to electronic payments – Bullshit – crony capitalism, lack of knowledge of how insecure everything digital is (Lady mentions Future crimes by Marc Goodman, the compromised millions of debit cards recently?)

We have to wait like civilized dogs in lines to get one fucking note which no one has change for, my fucking hard earned money, in my fucking bank account which I cannot withdraw because some motherfucker politician says so? I refuse to buy this bullshit propaganda and so should you, sing it from a mountaintop, your collective sacrifice is a sham and you are going to be asked to continue doing so if you do not accept the truth, you have been fucked over, the leadership is also in this same delusion while hiding like ostriches, avoiding reality of how colossal their fuck up is and how do we rectify things, post haste?

A good way would be to admit stupidity and #bringthe500back.

Sitting at the desk in awe of the monologue, I could not help but ask this foul mouthed eloquent lady where did she come up with all this history and insight…

Oh, I just finished reading Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, it was awesome, I highly recommend it to all thinking individuals.






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