Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda – you are not a sinner

You are no Sinner!

All our lives, we spend living in the past. We are torn by guilt based on what we perceive to be violations of moral laws. This guilt acts as a cancer both on our mind and body.

Society and religions exploit us throught guilt. Rules and regulations of societal morality control us through fear and greed, and any violation breeds guilt. Guilt corrodes, it corrupts.

What matters, what should matter is Consciousness, not conscience. The only sin we should be careful about is the sin of guilt.

Human beings are created to be free. Our beings are designed to rebel against rules and regulations. We wait for opportunities to break rules, to feel the thrill of breaking the rules, when we think there is no policeman around, we tend to speed.

Our ethical behavior will be stable only when it rises from awareness. We do not then have to look over our shoulder to check if any one is watching us. We will feel liberated. We will be in bliss.

This book of Nithyananda shows us how to shed guilt and be free. To carry guilt is the biggest sin.

Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda  - You are not a Sinner

On Ugliness – Umberto Eco

Beauty may be well attractive, but ugliness is much more fun…

Eco gives us an encyclopedic, vividly illustrated. With a collection of passages of historical and philosophical commentary among hundreds of examples of ugliness found in Western art and literature, starting from ancient Greece to the popular and avant-garde cultures of today.

Do not expect a theory about repulsion over here.