You might want to really watch this interview, buy the book and read it.


Dr. Strangelove or: How to stop worrying – actually give a shit and do something about it..

Last week I was waiting for Samhita Arini, to swing by the store to sign a copy of her … Mahabharata a child’s view. I pointed out that she was wearing a really beautiful dress, she mentioned that she was going to the book launch of Sam Pitroda’s autobiography Thinking Big, maybe one can learn something about the evolution of Indian telecom, would I like to join?


Sam Pitroda Dr strangelove mashup

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How to influence a republic or bring your fucking pre-loved books.

Being delusional grandiose fucks has its benefits, we dubbed our selves a book republic while starting the store. Why? Well in the true spirit of the word republic we would find an ideal place where individuals matter. If you are wondering how the last seven years the republic has been influenced, read a little further.


Bring your fucking pre-loved books.

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