Pet peeves.

Being a basement (cave) dwelling librarian is good, but it gets boring, hence the requirement for a pet peeve – Composting with Daily Dump.

We get to go to different places and see tonnes of new faces.

Last week we landed up at a KPMG office and talked to a few people about composting and got a few inquiries. Reached really late, like afternoon instead of morning late. Epiphany of the day – its good not to be a cubical junkie.

A couple of days ago we got a call from TERI to do a demo on composting at a girls school in Shivajinagar, would we like to do it? Call daily dump and they are swamped, can we do it? Sure we can.

Heading to the venue on time in heavy rain, got a call from the TERI researcher who was supposed to join, she got stuck in the heavy rain and could not make it, can we do it solo? Sure we can.

Head to the school, set up and get pangs of anxiety, shit there were 200 girls sitting waiting for a spiel and some ladies from the Lioness club (have heard of the Lions club, but these ladies kick ass too) They were there for installing a herb garden at the school with about 50 girls from the Eco Club.

Gave the spiel and asked the girls if they could look up Daily dump on the internet, no response, ask them how many of them have internet access at home, not too many hands, asked them to look it up on their mummy’s or daddy’s phones.

Asked the girls how many of them would speak to their folks about composting, almost all hands went up. (Its at moments like this that one feels there is hope).

Asked them if they had any questions, no hands, really smart girls they got the concept in one go.

Shift to the organizers getting their photo op moment. (yawn)

Went to the garden patch, more photo ops. (yikes)

One plant was symbolically planted as the soil was too wet.

Shifted to the staff room (never as a child would I have dreamed of hanging with the staff sipping excellent chai and munching on biscuits talking sustainability – never)

Talked with the headmistress about a solution for the schools waist which is about a big blue barrel full, every day. The cost of the daily dump solution would not be possible, would we sponsor it? No, we do not do sponsorships, how about calling the TERI researcher and get a corporate connect to fund the whole thing? She said she will try.

Speak to her about getting their playground cleared of weeds and painting the walls, they say they cannot afford it, tell them about The Ugly Indian, how people will volunteer their time and energy for a day, clean up the place and paint it as well, they seemed surprised that there are people that care and are willing to do this, I tell them that there are people, lots of caring people.

Speak to them about jump starting a weekly mobile library visit for the girls through another pet peeve project that is finally going on-line soon, the headmistress was kind of super excited about this.

In conclusion, if you think your life sucks (if you are really honest with yourself you may realize that it actually does) have a pet peeve, you will meet new people and doors you could never possible imagine will open, do it!

One more thing – Compost – all thinking liberals who have been fooled by the system have to despite this fact huge corporates do not give a fuck about pollution.

Peace Out.


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