Want to have a magical moment? Visit an indi bookstore.

First thing that comes to mind while thinking of a magical moment – Disney World, an interaction in the park which defies explanation while getting an unforgettable experience, leaving an impression in a good way. What does that have to do with visiting an indi bookstore? Well, this happened yesterday at Goobe’s.

magical_moment_at_an_indi_bookstore, best_little_Bookstore_in_Bangalore

Magical moment at an indi bookstore

Lazy, Sunday afternoon, bleeding bullets of sweat in the sweltering heat, while reading a big fat tome – Animal Money by Michael Cisco, a play list slithering in the background, customers walking into our underground library.

Man walks in with a book, leaves it at the desk, selects some books and plonks himself in a corner to check out his selection.

Yoga threesome – caucasian walks in and asks for books on yoga, they are pointed to the direction of our yoga selection.

Two girls, one caucasian one Indian walk in and ask for comics (they are pointed to the section which happens to have a poster of the joker with a gun that says – BAM!).

Not able to focus on the book, with too many interruptions switch to an article about experimentation on our customers with music at the store. (here)

Stranger by Marek Iwaszkiewicz was playing at this particular moment, one of the yoga dudettes does a Natarajasana pose – ok, so what? Maybe the lady had a stiff back and was stretching? Maybe she was letting one rip? (actually not, I was downwind)

Natarajasana yoga pose

She then proceeds to dance around the place, not normal common folk spazzing mind you – Ballet! Reading the article trying to focus while the lady is going around the place hopping, leaping among the book racks, a pirouette!


Focus was a little difficult.

Caucasian lady with Indian friend comes over to the desk, smiles while saying she did not find what she wanted.

Oblivious man sitting reading…

Ballet girl walks over to the desk, gets a little match box comic book by Kokachi and says… You have  a really lovely bookstore and the music really reminds me of home – (probably not been listening to anything besides indic vibes, bollywood BS and chants for the last six months) She then proceeds to say her mum used to run a bookstore in Germany till Amazon came over and fucked them to death (not that literally). Respond the same thing is still happening and we will fight till death – the good fight of being indi.

Ask the yoga/ballet girl if she would like the play list that was on?  (High Fidelity by Hornby book cover popped into my mind, strangely)

high fidelity nick hornby

Sure she says, I email her the list and she proceeded the fuck out of the store.

Not quite recovering from what just happened, warm fuzzy feeling inside (sometime back I did have a conversation with a colleague – wouldn’t it be awesome if while some nice music is on a customer would start dancing, preferably ballet or was it a belly dance? not quite sure, my memory fails me. The point of that conversation was the importance of having music on at the store)

Is this the kind of shit that normally happens in bookstores? No, not normally this was a first in a little over seven years. Well yesterday this did happen – for realz.

Want to have a magical moment? Visit an indi bookstore.

(Almost forgot – Fuck Disney and fuck you very much Amazon)




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