Not all Amazonians are wild animals.

Three Amazonians walk into an underground bookstore.

3 Amazonians walk into an underground book store in Bangalore bw

Before you start getting all excited thinking we were visited by gigantic female humanoids, coming over to execute a Femputer sentenced snu-snu orgy, let me stop you and clarify that the stuff that gives librarians wet dreams seldom come true… (they are just too weird for reality)

We had three programmers from the online goriller over, alas.

They were paying customers, based on the books customers buy we sometimes ask them what they do-its kind of our way of putting people into boxes, especially fun if the selection is tasteful.

The guys said they are programmers from Amazon.

Normally, I would flip out and go all crazy but I have been trying to take the path of least resistance recently and said that it was cool that they actually walked into a bookstore to buy books (we normally get visits by some assholes from the company for god knows what reason).

The guys smile and say they were just walking around and decided on buying some non programming related books.

I smile and say that it is really important to read books of any kind and especially develop a thirst for reading, for pleasure.

The guys cross a K and we offer a free hand made book mark in appreciation, I mention that the bookmarks were made by an engineer who is going to be working with us by the end of this month, another engineer is currently working with us and will be leaving shortly to focus on music.

The guys look a little startled (yes, there is hope for us yet if there are alternatives to joining a merchant bank, startups (I mean seriously how many more specialized services that create delivery boys do we need?) Would a VP stamp on your forehead really help in the bigger picture, more conspicuous consumers?

I ask the guys to think of doing something really great and make the leap.

One of them asks when he seriously considers change, could he come over here and work?

Yes of course we will give you free wi-fi as well, only rule is that you need to shut the fuck up and be silent-this is a library.

The guys smile, since they were all nice and all I decided on being myself and try and push another one, the wonderful The rise of the robots by Martin Ford and tell them that within the next five years their asses are going to be replaced by AI.

Oh ho, but who is going to be programming the AI?

Well, you guys for the time being at least, read the book already.

We will come back and pick it up the next time, they say all smiling and happy.

Apparently not all Amazonians are wild animals.






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