One reason why Sweden is not really awesome.

Two elderly Swedish gentlemen walk into an underground bookstore in Bangalore…


There are many things awesome about Sweden Like – Vikings, Stieg Larsson, Pippi Longstocking, IKEA, ABBA, Ingmar Bergman, The Pirate Bay, sustainability, gender equality, harassment of Assange due to imperial pressure… the list can go on an on.

Back to the gentlemen that walked into the store.

They ask if we have Science Fiction.

Well of course we do, I get up to direct the customers to our lovelies and then the man asks if we have any Ursula.

Change direction and point the man to the few Ursula titles that we have quite proudly (Seriously we think she is awesome)

The man smiles and starts browsing.

He says we have a good selection (the customers that usually go above this statement say-excellent selection- usually do not buy zilch.)

Then he says he is from Sweden and back home they do not have any second hand bookstores.

That is really surprising sir, for such a forward looking country not to have any used bookstores is a sad anomaly.

He says that most folks just buy online (from the big online gorilla of course)

I ask the two men to open a store and invite me for the opening. (Inception-muuuhhahahahah)

The man smiles and says before leaving the store that he is seriously going to consider opening one.


Svenskar’s öppna vissa begagnade bokhandlar!!!

Did I get that right?


One thought on “One reason why Sweden is not really awesome.

  1. Update, a friend from Sweden has informed me that apparently most bookstores have a second hand book rack not the same but hope nonetheless 🙂

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