We are still open – Fuck yeah!

Earlier today I got a message from a former minion of the republic who works with the mainstream-mind-washing-media asking if we are closing…



While I got back to the store this evening, my colleague informed me that we got a call from another mainstream(not as big as the first one by still…mind-washing-media asking if we were shutting down…


Have we closed our romance section? Yes, romance is officially dead at our store.


Pulp fiction is getting the grand-ol-fuckkity-fuck off (on sale at ₹ 25/-)


We have had five of our best months in seven years in the last 10 months.


Last month was our best month-ever!


So dear press circles and silly little fuckers that are spreading shit that is untrue-

Goobe’s Book Republic is open, live and kicking – Fuck Yeah!


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