Everyday we deal with lesser mortals or we get paid to get entertained.

We have gotten some feed back that we curse too much. This post (past this intro paragraph) is not going to have a single curse word, but first – fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck, fuckin fuck fuck, fuuuuuck. Thats it, now on to the post.


Sometimes you just want to  scream

Some time back a regular walked into the store and said she wanted something to make her sleep, (not suggesting what was really on our minds) we directed her to our self help section, which has some books on how to deal with sleeping disorders the likes, we are anti-drugs (going to a doc and getting a pill may be really easy, but is not necessarily the easiest solution). She says no, she would like us to suggest any really fat book – anything dense which would put her to sleep. Being self respecting booksellers we point her to the philosophy section and ask her to to pick up the fattest book she could find. She had a problem and could not decide, knowing the taste of our dear repeat customer – sci fi and chick lit we suggest a nice fat copy of India after Gandhi by Ram Chandra Guha – a signed copy no less! She takes one look at the book and says bill it. About a fortnight later she comes back smiling, saying that Guha hits the spot every time and sometimes she uses him as a pillow when she passes out on her reading couch. (wow, we would like a reading couch and think books as pillows are fantastic)

Last week two angry looking south Indian men walk into the store and hurriedly ask for a few authors (never heard of any of them – hey we are booksellers not gods – it is not possible to know everything, that we know for certain, besides when in doubt Google. One name stood out Dadaism), ears perk and pay attention to the angry not so young men. One man says, where are these books??? Well we do not have any of them, you might want to try…. Where is Gangarams??? Where is Sapna??? Where is crosswords??? Begin to get a little angry, ask the man in a very stern voice, to calm down and we will give him directions, if he does want any specific titles we can procure anything – provided it is in print. But we are from Andhra Pradesh! Well, we can ship to AP as well. Where is flipkart(Indian equivalent of the evil amazon)??? Well to go to flipkart you need to first find internet access and then type www…., I look to my colleague for help-no such solace, he was on the verge of tears controlling his laughter, where indeed is flipkart???

There, a full post without any curses, anything is possible!

Peace out.


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