What it means to be Independent or 3 ways to give a shit.

Here are a few thoughts on Independence day for you from us at the good independent book Republic.


independence now, individually. Photo credit Shrikrishna Herlekar

Why do you take the flag one or two days a year? Do you have a swell of pride and joy, probably a go to a parade or flag hoisting and for all the other days you live your selfish existence, unsustainable, polluting, divided by artificial barriers that separate humanity be it by religion or nationality, not really giving a shit about the responsibility that comes with your independence. Thing is most people do not realize that they can make a difference, you can, you just have to have a heart, give a shit and you my dear reader can really make a difference, it might seem like pissing the wind, sure you might get a little of a splash back, life is like that. Your individual effort will make a difference and more important you would give your wanting soul a little bit of relief, you will be happier with your self.

How-oh-how can I make a difference?

Here are a few places in Bangalore which are awesome and celebrate their independence every day. (There are many many more if you just look a little bit, if you can think of any more awesome things to do please use the comment box :P)

  1. Plant trees. Trees for free Care about humanity? Wondering where all the trees have gone? Well, they have been killed in the name of progress, you as an independent thinking individual can make a difference, check these guys out, volunteer in their awesome tree planting drives or if you do not live anywhere near Bangalore – my sympathies, you are missing out on the cutting edge of Big Society. Do the same thing in your own hood, plant a tree and nurture it every day with water and your love, wanna go crazy get a bunch of like minded individuals and go on a tree planting drive, want to go really, really crazy, collect all your pot seeds and throw them into your local 5-OH compound during the monsoons and be smug, every single time you pass by.
  2. Compost. Daily Dump Ever heard of a thing called a land fill? Well these strange places arise out of your individual lack of giving a shit. Up to 60% of your daily household waste can be composted right in your own home – individual apartment. apartment complex or house these guys have a solution. Check them out and start today, 60% of your waste into compost which you can offer to your local trees every other day or perhaps start growing vegetables in your balcony or on your terrace perhaps???
  3. Make the switch to Electric – Mahindra, Hero, Tesla – whatever (with a Californian accent ideally) – do it. Global warming, heard of it? Well it is real and the only way things can improve is if more people start caring for the planet, looking towards us all as one (humans). Sounds idealistic right? It is within your reach as an individual to make a choice and switch to electric. I have been using an electric bike for the last year and have nothing to say besides – I hate seeing polluting vehicles on a daily basis on the road, I smell the repugnance and seek solace in a delusion – I have time travelled to the not so far future where all vehicles are non polluting, clean silent (not sure if the honking problem will be solved in this utopia). Do you commute a fixed range of no more than 50 kms a day, you might want to seriously consider an electric scooter. Do not want to give your individual hard earned space? Buy an electric car, the Reva is pretty cool and Tesla – OMG, buy it if you can afford it, I would. Wanna go really crazy? Install solar panels at home and go off the fucking grid-completely.

Basically, start caring, give out your heart, start loving a little more. Celebrate your power as individual to spend your days truly independently, spend your money locally, sustainably. Maybe, just maybe there is hope.


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