Shame on you Angela Merkel and banker-wankers from the EU, seriously.

Cry my beloved humanity for your leaders are failing you time and again. Where do you look? Iceland… If it means riots so be it, take it to the streets kick out the crones and tell your debtors to piss off (for a long while at least). History shows that austerity does not help, it kills. Are you willing to go the neo-colonial way of destroying your own humanity? Why the fuck do you even bother with a green image? Eye wash? Fräulein Merkel you are being a real bitch. I highly recommend you read The Body Economic (review here) If you do not already realize that you are killing people in this day and age by your action/inaction. I would go as far as saying you are a mass murderer in the making.

Read this if you want to know what is really happening in Greece and cry, cry for your beloved humanity


mass murder in 2015 in the Eu


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