Music therapy and advise at Goobe’s 3 easy pieces.

Being a delusional little fucks has it benefits, sometimes we tell ourselves that we are not really booksellers. Lets just say that today we think we are anthropologists collecting information on human beings that enter our book store (for the last seven years at current count) – Hah! How cool is that?


Music therapy at goobe’s book republic


Tame impala – Let it happen. Thing is sometimes you hear a song and cant get enough of it, what happens at our store is that it goes on loop – till we get sick of it. Over the last couple of weeks this song has been played a lot, three people who were in the store were spotted gyrating their hips, two were doing some sort of forward and backward thrusting of the hips, one was tapping a foot to the beat while reading. The most memorable reaction to the music was a little girl of about three, she was done with the kids section while her folks were browsing and decided to just let the music take over, at about 4:30 while the track was playing she really got into it, seriously, her folks were also looking in awe, kids are fucking awesome, they enjoy life – no bullshit, till they get conditioned by adults – music therapy.


This happened a couple of weekends ago. While I come in for the evening shift I usually greet my colleagues loudly, this time it was a loud “whatzaaaaaa” by the time I reached the basement I saw a cute blond who was looking at me a little startled, I smiled and headed to the desk, the doors were on (UHG) put on Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane. The little lady started grooving to the song, (was she brushing her hair lightly? I donot remember) by the time she was leaving the store she was blushing – Music therapy?


Yesterday morning a gentleman came in asking for a hindi-english dictionary, which he found. He then asked for the awesome motorcycle diaries by Che Guevara – which we did not have, I suggested he should check out the Bolivian Diary and Reminisces of the Cuban revolutionary war. He ended up buying both, I then asked him if I could take a photo of the books as it was our boney (first sale of the day)


Bolivian Diary and Reminisces of the Cuban revolutionary war by Che Guevara

He found this a little odd, I explained that we really love books and are a little strange when it comes to books. He smiled a little nervously. He then said that he has a nine year old daughter who does not read. I say his first course action should be the ejection of his television screen from home – he says they do not have one at home. I then suggest that while he gets home and has extra time say just 30 minutes to start sit down with his daughter and read to her or better still just read, the thing with kids is that they are really smart and also like imitating their folks, what better than give her the urge to emulate his reading? Bring her to the store, let her run wild and choose whatever her heart desires. Find out what she is interested in, what she adores, it is a little like wooing a girl – you need to know what she wants – do it it is important. Then you buy her books along those lines, twenty years when your daughter is perusing a career that she loves and thanks you for encouraging her to read, come back and thank us for the advise you got a Goobe’s.

p.s. We get a lot of hey, what is that song that is playing to which we email a happy soundcloud playlist (click here) 🙂


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