Why the hell is a bookstore talking about this combination of numbers? Besides the obvious – well it is a post from Goobe’s it must be some fucking crazy thing they want to talk about. On the first day of the month this is exactly the amount we billed. Now the thing is the amount is really a small figure, but we are eternal optimists…


69 is a great number to start at

My colleague had mentioned somewhere around the 10th of the month that this month is going to be great, Why? I ask the man, he says we started with a great number ergo we will have a great month. We now have the figures for last month and we have just have our best month ever (Eat shit FuckKart and Amagon minions, you bastards stalk my online presence, so here is a message for you – FUCK YOU ASSHOLES, we are thriving and breaking our earlier track records and we truly feel we are just getting warmed up. (read this). So yeay!

Now a little more about the number 69, besides the obvious sexual position look at this image…


Yin Yang 69

This symbol opposite energies that cannot exist without each other, the black sperm like thingy with the white dot stands for femininity, cold, night, softness, while the white curve represents masculinity, spirit, heat, day, hardness and activity.

If you take a look at our logo, you might see some sort of similarity, to the untrained eye one might just see a cute little owl, well there’s that and if you try and look at it abstractly you will see a little more… It goes hand in hand with our name Goobe’s (Kannada for owl/fool), duality lies at our core, there is no real good and bad sometimes there are extremes but the really interesting place where shit really happens would be within the realm of 69, yes sweet 69.

In order to celebrate me and my crew are going to get really fucked up tonight to celebrate our best month EVER – in Seven fucking years, peace out!


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