Tell me how was your Monday? Really I want to know…

Since I do not really know how this ghastly day that symbolizes the beginning for the working week for mere mortals has been for you my dear reader. I will tell you how my day went.


books books and ‘somore books.

Well it kind of began like every other day actually, I was running late, not the usual late, I actually thought I was going to be in time for my morning program for the day, which was a workshop for representatives of the awesome daily dump. Before l go any further I really need to stress that every one of you need to check out these guys, seriously every one of you people need to buy their composting products, it is Anarchy at its best – you get to choose to be a concerned and active citizen right in your own house, it does not get better than this in today’s State and you do know what that is, right?

Opened the store (no I didn’t, I had to leave the keys and rush for my 10am-it was 10:15), heading to have my cuppa at India Coffee House and take the metro to Indranagar, on the way I get a call from the good folks at Daily Dump as to my whereabouts and my ETA, I say 15 minutes while start walking double pace. Longingly I gaze at my beloved India Coffee House while walking by, smoking a cigarette angrily, correcting my mood thinking about the fun day ahead.

The workshop was fun, met a bunch of really interesting people, one runs some sort of eco electrical company selling stuff for households, need to check them out but regardless would like to meet the founder again and talk sustainability, met two guys who plant organic gardens for us city folks, need to go with these guys for their installations which are awesomely springing all over the place, met a lady who had a plant-a-tree kinda marathon in which 350 people turned up, it was such a success that they had run out of saplings to plant (fucking awesome), there was a guy who runs an organic plant store over three floors full of organic plants and supplies, there were some other pretty awesome folks as well who get this run stores selling daily dump products, why-oh-why? Because it just makes sense, think about it, you eliminate 60% of your daily waste by composting it – at the source, these guys are really warriors on the cutting edge of actually giving a shit and doing something about it.

When there was a crowd outside for lunch, I decide on having a cigarette and sending an email, I see a curious bunch of middle age dudes looking at the Singapore cherry tree that I was standing under, they seemed to be looking for birds and nests, being true to my self I announce the name of the tree and state that the cherries can be used to flavor vodka naturally, two of the guys smile (the other two were just silently looking at me and blinking). One asks how, I explain how to squeeze a cherry gently (to get the good juices out) and then leave the juice in Vodka overnight or longer to ferment, easy. I say that the tree is great for the soil as well as it sheds soo many leaves. The guys smile and start walking away a little perturbed, what can I say-its fucking true. During lunch break I got to meet Poonam, the lady who founded Daily Dump, I went up to her and said “I want to thank you for what you are doing, its is really important – I am now going to give you a hugg”. And I gave her a nice big heartfelt hug, it was nice.

I had to leave the place early as I was late for my 2pm appointment (it was 3pm and I had not heard from the man regarding the meet), with a dude from the awesome Ampere Vehicles, they manufacture electric bikes and get this electric transport vehicles that kind of look like this…


Three wheeled transport, not sure if this is electric but it is looks like what we are going to get minus the fucking outdated fuming combustion engine.

Asked him to meet me at India Coffee House instead of work so we could get a coffee from my beloved, the meeting was short and sweet.

I had to rush for my 3:30 and it was bordering 4, at 4:30 my colleague and i reach our destination for the day, our outreach program, today’s location was a slum off JC road, one of the kids helped us with the bags to what seemed like a random central street. I tell the boy there is no way I can keep the books out, it was drizzling lightly… The boy gets the keys to a house right next to us and opens the door to a little room and asked, Here? perfect, quick set up and we have 4 kids buzzing around looking curiously at the books. I tell the boy I will not come back again if I have only 5 kids, tell your friends they can get just the reading charge 2/- Go ask your parents for money and hurry back. They ran and came back a decent que was beginning to form, 29 customers later we had to head to the second location about 5 minutes walk from there. Setup was in an open area in what seemed to be a major walking junction, no problem the drizzle had ended.

Keeping the kids in an organized que was a little difficult and got me very edgy, in the mean while there was another kid poking my bald nut with his finger repeatedly, I lost it I caught hold of the kids shirt and told him if he did not stop I would fuck him up, the boy stopped. The line did not end, we certainly would not have been able to make it today if it were not for the lovely lady from our awesome partner for the visit Hasirudala.

Somewhere in between another finger was poking my head, I could feel steam coming out of my ears I turn around and see a little man, about three and a half years holding a coin out to me saying book, book trying to give me the money, I pinch his cute little cheek and smile, being the stick up my arse bastard that I am, I ask him to get to the end of the queue if he wanted a book, we are still learning and things were a little chaotic, in a couple of weeks when things have been streamlined I am sure we will be more organized.

The boys walked us back to an auto for the books and me to my bike, really swell kids, found out that one of them was studying his first year Bachelors of Science, another his third year Bachelors in Commerce, he asked me if we had text books, I told him that currently we do not, but I will try and do something soon.

Went back to India Coffee House, met some friends, shot some crap, headed to work. Got a message that I had to meet the landlord (yes I am a sinner and I have been a little delinquent). Make a tally for the outreach visit, head out to meet the landlord, sometimes just sometimes your bubble of bliss needs to be pricked in order to deal with this silly thing called reality and reality sucks ass, met the landlord who I think has been more than considerate, he is a gentleman, I would not be such a kind landlord.

Went back to work and had to deal with some emails and music…

Had a minor freak out, no biggie.

That was my day, so tell me how was your Monday? Really I want to know…

p.s. If you are wondering if I am a narcissist, stop wondering – I am a narcissist, thing is I also believe important things need to be talked about enough to drill through thick i-just-dont-give-a-shit numbskulls.

p.p.s. Our current membership of our outreach program stands at 259 kids with the youngest being 8 months.



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