You need to be a little wary of your kids walking into our papyrus dungeon.

Yes, we are going to say this straight out loud, be concerned, nay afraid when your young ones are in our realm. There is a certain thing called restriction that really makes us mad. Books have to be selected or suggested and the decision is the child’s to make, should I buy this book or should I take a pass on this one?

V for vendetta by alan more

V for vendetta by Alan More

A lady and her daughter (teenagerish) walk up to the cash desk. The lady sees two books that were lying on the floor, one of them was Orwell’s down and out in Paris and asks how much the book would cost. I tell the lady that the book is not for sale as I was reading it, sometimes, just sometimes-we say fuck it and decide that what we are reading is important and a sale cannot come in the way of finishing the book. The lady smiles and says you must have the best job in the world, I smile and say yes, we do have the best job in the whole wide world, you can come back in a couple of days to pick up the Orwell.

The daughter then smiles and asks her mum if she could watch a twilight (UGH) movie, the mom says no you may not, you have read the book and that is enough (considering the lady is a reader I was surprised that she would let her daughter read some thing like Twilight and not let her watch the movie, words describing young love, punctured jugulars, semi-clad werewolves, flesh separated from bodies and shit like that and then a restriction on the movie of the book (just did not make sense) To defuse the situation I suggest to the girl that she needs to check out the Divergent series, she smiles and lights up says she loved the Hunger Games series and looks hopefully at her mum, her mum relents and says we will pick up the book the next week. Dystopias are awesome, they make people think, visualize difficult situations, see how societies can function under difficult situations, kind of like an every day reality that most people do not see with their blinded eyes.

The lady and her daughter leave happy.

Today a chubby little fucker walked into the store (teenagerish) his dad and cronys were waiting outside the store (muuuhahahaha) The kid asks for Captain Underpants, I show him our selection, he takes one book and then comes to the desk and says something only kids usually utter – Can you suggest some good books, you know with images, quickly run through some illustrated classics, some Grim tales some Dahl and then one really revered graphic novel (at our store at least) Which one? Well the awesome V for Vendetta by Alan Moore, the pitch for the book was “This is a beautiful tale of a determined man who wanted change” What I would like to have said is, sometimes individuals need to blow shit up to be heard, say if this man were to be resident in Bangalore he would have blown up a symbol of the tyranny called Government, this man did just that, you might want to read this book…

The boy was a little overwhelmed with the text on the book, it is a little dense, the first time I went through the book it took me a couple of months of broken reading to get through. He took his copy of Cap Underpants, paid for the book smiled and said he would be back. In the mean while there was an adult who was privy to the pitch, comes to the desk with a comic and V for Vendetta and says, if the boy is not coming back I would like to take this book.

So once again – you need to be a little weary of your kids walking into our papyrus dungeon, they will be allowed to take whatever they want, be allowed to think for themselves and perhaps, just perhaps you might too.


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