Purist. Noun.

A person who insists on absolute adherence to traditional rules or structures, especially in language or style.

Working at a bookstore we have the joy ever so often of interacting with purists.

Went to what I believed to be a play which would be some kind of mash up of Shakespeare a couple of weekends ago and I got to meet a customer of the store who would fall into the category of super heavy reader. Spoke to the guy about some stuff before the play started and then went in.

Not knowing what to expect is good, no expectations, no disappointments (kinda like love right?). Don’t get me wrong, these guys (obviously) love Shakespeare and have in all probability read more than the average lover of the bard, but…

In the first half of the performance, in almost all of the pieces there was a pudgy dude playing the role of the damsel in distress, picture it a fat dude wearing a blond wig hopping about the place SHRIEKING. Yes it was hard on the eyes and the ears as well. No expectations, no disappointments right? Wrong, a little bit of cringing, a little bit of astral traveling helps, you are there but not really there eyes out of focus, sound out of focus (all performance dialogue rendered white noise), bliss then another shriek, you are brought back to reality, reality sometimes sucks ass.


Booze? Need to maintain the buzz, alcohol is too  much of an effort of a distance away and I was not well prepared for this slaughter of Will. Meet my friend and ask him about the performance, he actually made some sort of a grunt and said I am leaving, I just cannot take this any more, smiled said good night and left the place (he was fuming)


Last night a customer came to the store and asked for a copy of Harper Lee’s awesome To kill a mockingbird. Talked about the new book which we do not have at the store (we are well a little behind the times in our subterranean utopia). The lady goes on to say that she wants to re-read the book before experiencing the newly released (prequel?) Go set a watchman, which was written by Lee prior to To kill a mockingbird and was rejected by publishers. Re-read, with so many books to be read who in this god dammned world has fucking time to re-reads books?

A purist?

Hannibal Lecter when he sautes Krendler’s last meal (Did he use virgin olive oil or white truffle butter?)

A purist.


Purist? Hannibal Lecter sauting Krendler’s last meal

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