City dwelling is not really conducive for the seeker of solitude and silence. You do have a choice of places which can provide solace for your hurting ears and mind, they are few and far between. Here are four easy avenues in the quest for quiet.


Seek silence in isolated zones

One: Bus rides.

Bus rides? Besides walking or using a bicycle, this is the most sustainable way to commute. This is also a great place to read for a long undisturbed stretch. Unfortunately there is this little thing called reality which deems there will be people with you, hence a percentage of loud and obnoxious inconsiderate people will be there. The obvious solution would be ear plugs or headphones with tunes that you like. Last week i was stuck on a three hour bus ride late at night with a loud dick head behind me, I controlled my self while reading a Kundera, I was having a problem focusing and after the second hour I lost it.I turned around and asked the man to be quiet, its late at night and you have been at it for the last two hours, all I want to do is read and I am not able to get past a single word, please can you be quiet???

No, my voice is loud and I cannot be quiet (or did he say stop talking)

Please sir can you tone down your voice and be a little considerate, it is not a demand, it is a request, please.

The man relents and continues talking for the rest of the journey (one fucking hour in a hushed tone)

Two: Far ends of public parks.

Really far away from the maddening crowds, you can actually get quiet. The noises of the city and its citizens are in the background, you can really enjoy the silence interrupted by a cocky Myna or perhaps some rowdy parakeets, this is natures music not humanoid noise. Of course at the far ends you get the fringe nut jobs, I was once robbed by a transvestite at Cubbon park, it was a very humbling experience which I choose not to elaborate on and now reading is restricted to a halfway distance between noise and bliss.

Three: Corporate meeting rooms.

Between the presentations, coffee, discussions and the ass sucking one can truly find a place of zen, be honest how many of you have never zoned out during a meeting? And the targets for the quarter, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There you go, if you are at a far end of the conference table or better conference hall you can secretly read a book under the cover of the quarterly report that you are considering as a take away as toilet paper in case of an emergency requirement (could those color print outs leave a nasty stain?) on your walk back home through the woods.

In conclusion, seek silence you will be able to hear your mind reading out loud, no confusing background sounds and if you are not able to deal with it here is some advise on how to handle White noise or better still pick up a copy of Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, the awesome book by Susan Cain, thank us for suggesting this beauty when you are done with it.


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