We were Interviewed by an insistent 7 year old today.

Earlier in the day while having a coffee outside the Darshini (awesome south Indian vegetarian fast food restaurant) that is above our store we saw a group of kids being escorted by their teachers in a neat line. One of the kids, a little one with glasses read our sign out loud and stopped (readers read obsessively-anything, the sign attracts the attention of readers – they get the message straight away and are drawn to the books, he stopped the line and insisted on walking in.) Being at an owlish perch like position we could over hear the conversation. He wanted to go into the store, his friends were saying do not be insistent, but the little man insisted and drew the latter half of the line about six other kids and a teacher in a beeline to the store…

7_year_old_interviewing_an_independent _bookseller

7 year old interviewing an independent bookseller

The little boy is nervous a bit at first but starts a rapid fire of questions, with an older (assistant/minion?) taking notes.

When did you open the store?

April first 2008.

Do you think you are better than when you opened?

Not sure what you mean, do mean in terms of sales or selection?


We are better than we were, our selection and sales have both improved. (if we may say so ourselves 🙂

How is it going?

Great, we are breaking sales records once in six months, consistently for the last year.

Awesome, what was the rent you paid when you opened.

Six years ago, lets see…

No seven years ago, the little man corrects us.

Yes, of course, seven years ago we paid X.

What do you pay now?

About 2X

Wow, that’s a big jump.

Inflation (smile)

Are you effected by ebooks?

Absolutely not, people that buy eBooks come in and ask for print versions of books that they have digitally.

That is great. Are people still reading? (this one was a little surprise coming from the wise little one)

Yes, most certainly.

Good. Do you think people will continue to do so?


He seemed to be done with his inquisition and it was our turn for a question. Do you read?

Yes, most certainly.

Then please do swing by the store again when you have the time and buy some books.

(Little kid smiles and nodds, does a little semi-bow says thank you and mentions he will be back). His beeline follows him out with silent smiles.

p.s. Dunno why, but that little man made our day, the interview was the most fun we have had in the last 6 years, we are glad he was a little insistent.


Sign that works for our bookstore


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