When booksellers go apeshit.

What happens if a mother and a child walk in to the store, browse for a bit and then ask for an author who is really famous? The author in question has gotten a hell of a lot of people who do not read for pleasure, to read a work of fiction. This is fantastic, but the writing just sucks ass big time.

What happens to the bookseller?

Well to put it straight up, in our case we go apeshit.

super angry booksellers

super angry booksellers

Madam why are you asking for rubbish when there are so many really good books around the store?

But your colleague showed me the section where Chetan Baghat lies, where are the good books?

(where are the fucking good books?)

Gesticulate wildly and say the good books are all around you.

Usually we point people to sections which they seek, this time I had to get up and man I was really mad. (We take our work seriously and in emergency cases like this it is our mission to be agents of change, not silent burghers.)

Madam, I am going to suggest some really good books and you are going to have a look at them.


Pull out a few books. (Books which can actually make you think, feel, perhaps cry, learn and become a more compassionate human being.

The lady asks me to stop.

Just one more madam…

(At this point of time the lady was sweating and her daughter was smiling. Please do not get me wrong over here, we do not normally push books or hard sell at our republic. The books sell themselves, sometimes we give the customer a gentle nudge, at times like these we totally loose it. Why in the world do you have to restrict something so beautiful as reading to fit in with popular culture, fuck what everybody is reading, fuck the bestseller lists. Reading is something intimate, would you buy delicate lingerie for your lover by the kilo or would you rather spend a dozen minutes contemplating what would be perfect? Just replace replace lover with mind and you will understand our predicament.)


p.s. The girl ended up buying a second hand CB and The diary of a young girl. One victory, one billion more to go.


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