On Religion.

There are many good things about religion, for starters most religions preach morals and “good” behavior, then there are the “religious leaders” who are human and manipulate the masses for their selfish agendas. What in the God’s name is a book store talking about religion for?

We hate it, as it basically divides people and gives the impression of a holier that thou attitude. Politicians use religion to manipulate the masses, just tune in to your local news channel and watch your “leaders” using the religion card like there is no tomorrow.

Ever heard of The Crusades? The Holocaust? the lists can go on and on, add political ideologies and you have a new list of truly mass murderers… Mao, Stalin, King Leopold, Tojo and more.

One good golden rule is to avoid conversations about religion and politics at all costs, as it truly is a waste of time.

Then why the fuck are you writing a blog post about religion?

Well, we have been on the chopping spree at our little republic, romance has been given the big fuck of, pulp is on its way out and guess who is next to meet the Einsatzgruppen of the republic? Yes, religion.

Today we had a regular who comes in and takes books on/by various religious/spiritual leaders.

We informed her that this section is going to be removed so she might want to start reading from some other surviving sections.

Well, I like reading love stories as well.

Sorry maam, the romance section is gone, perhaps some literary love stories. Maybe some historical fiction (which sometimes has love stories woven in).

Religion/spirituality all these “leaders” generating so much of noise, confusion… Just skip it, say pick up those two books behind you.

The drunkard’s walk Leonard Mlodinow and Think like a freak Levitt and Dubner, learn something different, help your self, do not seek other peoples answers, be curious till the day you die, that is the only way to learn.

What about Sherlock Holmes?

That is awesome, you can learn so much from those stories, human interactions, deceit, detection…

OK, you have convinced me, she returns a book by Sri Sri Sri (holy, holy holy) Ravi Shankar on Silence, and picks up Think like a Freak. (sorry Sri, Sri, Sri its not personal, she made the choice, I was just a dog pointing in another direction)

Religion is getting a downgrade from endangered to extinct species soon at the good Republic.


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