You know what would be really cool?

Being open to the public we have our fair share of interactions with SMF’s (Stupid Mother Fuckers). We just had an interaction with one over the phone a few minutes ago, so here comes the pain.

Hello (in a barely audible voice), do you have mumble mumble mumble?

Sir, you need to speak up a bit we can not hear you.

Do you have Music of the primes? A friend of mine came to your store some time back and asked for this book.

When this happens we usually take a request and inform the customer the price and time required to get the book to the store. There was no such request in this case.

We tell the customer to hold for a minute and mention that we can get the book from the publisher’s warehouse in 7 days for x price.

Oh, no I’ll get it myself.

Then why are you wasting my time?

You are wasting my time.

Well you have called me and asked for a book, we are giving you a quote and we are wasting your time?

SMF hangs up.

You know what would be really cool?

We were in the future where phones had a feature for sending a holographic eel over the lines to smack SMF on his stupid face right there and then. (The world will be a much better place)


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