“with hesitation, doubt or dread.”

Sunday morning, first customers for the day – a couple with two little boys walk in just as I am pulling up the shutter to the store.

I smile and greet the family and ask if they need any assistance.

The younger son about six years asks why the place is soo quiet?

Well, we are a library, silence is required here so you can hear your thoughts while reading over the noises of distraction.

The boy smiles says OH – I get it and starts running around the place like a little drone.

They select a big lot of books and come up to the desk to billing.

(Sometimes, sometimes depending on the books the customer buys I ask what they do. This is not an attempt to put people into boxes but just a general curiosity – something along the lines of – wow, I am actually impressed with what you want to read and am wondering what a person who would like to read the book would be doing for a living.)

So I ask and the lady answers media.

Yes, that is a big field but my next statement was – I hope not the Dimes of India (it is the largest circulating paper in the country and is kind of more of a tabloid and less of a paper, would not recommend to wipe your butt in case of an emergency situation in the woods, seriously it is that bad.)

She says I feel I am being judged right now.

Smile (Are we not judging all the time, be honest with yourself)

The hubby steps in giggling and says we subscribe to the dimes and The Hindu (oh heavenly compared to the dimes-but a part of the mass media brainwashing mechanism nonetheless)

The little kids pull up two stools and sit like little elves listening intently to what is going on.

Mum points out that they look like they are in some kind of class.

I ask the dad what he does and then the kids, I then tell them I am not going to tell them a story because they would all really not like it.

We mention that we buy pre-loved books and would especially love to buy non-fiction, literature and science fiction.

The lady asks if we would take authors like David Baldacci (UGH), I have most of his books.

I mention that yes, we would take Baldacci….. reluctantly.

Both mum and dad burst out laughing, the kids are a little perplexed and one asks what the word means while they walk out of the store.

p.s. The book which I was really smitten about was  Masanobu Fukuoka’s awesome One-straw Revolution.

p.p.s The media is a means of undue influence on the gullible masses (sheep?)

p.p.p.s We buy pre-loved books.


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