Sometimes we ask customers (that are assholes) to leave.

One must not get the wrong impression that we are haters. We are an independent book store thriving in this day and age of bookstore and library closures. We love what we do, there is absolutely nothing else we would rather be doing, really. This is the fourth time we had to literally ask a customer to leave the store in six years.

When it comes to assholes, we follow a simple zero tolerance policy, life is really too short to spend time communicating with idiots when there are things to be done.

Where does this policy come from?

Perhaps from the awesome book The No Asshole Rule by Robert Sutton.

Now about the interaction with the “Asshole”.

Walks in asks for some books is directed to the section, browses for a bit and asks for Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations.

Unfortunately we did not have a copy of this little gem.

We inform the customer we could get a copy of it for him.

He then says OH, I can download it right now onto this (points to some sort of tablet or e reader)


Please leave the store now, get out.

No, I want to buy this book (shows a book that he intended to buy before we decided we did not need his money or mental masturbation which is so faux pas in this store)

Give me that book, it is not for sale, leave now.

But, but…

Get the fuck out of the store right now, cease speaking and leave (give the universal talk to the hand gesture).

Asshole leaves the store.

Asshole returns after a couple of minutes and noise starts coming out of his vocal shit hole.

“I would like to understand your philosophy”

Well, I know what kind of a person you are and do not wish to communicate with you, please leave.

“but what is your…”

Sir, do you understand english?


Please leave the store, please leave, please leave.

Asshole starts leaving the store again, mumbling….(I tried)….

See the thing is plain and simple we do not suffer lesser fools, life is too fucking short.

Still confused? Find out where the asshole is headed in the Nine circles of bookseller hell (jump to the ninth circle – Treachery).


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