Book magnetism.

Among a bunch of books that we purchased a couple of days ago was a copy of The Captainship – Edited by Anya Gupta. The book was kept aside to be added to my seemingly never reducing to-be-read-currently-reading pile.

The Captainship is a really cool book about first generation entrepreneurs with a couple of names who we personally really look up to, it has sweet illustrations to boot as well.

This evening just after billing a happy customer, one of our regular suppliers walks in and shows me a stack of books.

The very book that I was currently reading was in the stack that our old man supplier brought in.

First reaction was goose bumps followed by a yelp, followed telling the man that he was not going to believe this – I was reading the exact same book just before he walked in, he just smiles and nods (he must know many things that i have no clue about obviously)

The only way we can explain this seemingly strange phenomenon (there are no such things coincidences) is a clear case of book magnetism.


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