We got a call from one of the devil’s minions last week.

No we are not referring to a literary work of art.

We received a call in the real world, not through the printed word.

A proposal had been made over the phone followed by an email containing a PPT and a form to be filled in.

A Faustian bargain with Mephistopheles?

Like good businessmen we did not abuse the minion and ask him to lick our assholes over the phone.

We will take your proposal into consideration and will get back to you.

Great sales person the devils minion – when do I give you a follow up call?

Please do not call, we will get back to you.


Fast forward to two days later when I was in the middle of some shit I do not want to talk about, I get a call from the minion.

Ask the man if he remembers what was said about the follow up call.

Why sir, you asked me to call you in a couple of days.

Well, lies from the devils minion did not come as a surprise.

Please listen to me clearly.

Do you understand English?


Do not call me again, if we are interested we will call you, goodbye.

(p.s. what I would have really liked to say was we will consider selling books on your fucking site when Jeoff Bozos comes over to my store and asks me for permission to lick my asshole, then and only then would we consider selling on your fucking site, asshole.)


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