We buy pre-loved books

Last Sunday a family walked into our subterranean store all smiling and bubbling with energy.

The dad goes on to say that he has been to the store a whole bunch of times and was initially decided on visiting the store when his uncle had mentioned this quote which is at the entrance of the store.


Sell pre-loved books

We both laugh at how true the situation is and went on to say that this is how we ended up with the store to begin with, no kidding.

He reminds me about a book request he had made sometime ago (yes sometimes we are absolute procastronauts) we promise to get the book ASAP (the book by the way was Jungle Trees of Central India-A Field Guide for Tree Spotters  By Pradip Krishen. How can you not begin to respect such kind of curiosity?)


Jungle Trees of Central India Sub title-A Field Guide for Tree Spotters by Pradip Krishen

The family goes on to buy a whole bunch of books and before leaving the man mentioned that he has been reorganizing his books at home and has two boxes full of books with our name (Goobes) on them, literally.

Now for some inexplicable reason that was heart wrenching.

We buy pre-loved books.


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