Overheard at goobe’s – Puto.

Today was a really slow day.

Towards closing time a man dressed in all black walked into the store mumbling in a Hispanic accent…

I hope I get the book here, I am sick and tired of trying.

The guy asks for a biography on Pablo Escobar (wiki the guy if you do not know who he is)

The next thing he says is he is a pilot in Calcutta.

Hokay. Under normal circumstances I would have thought well I have entered the twilight zone and this kind of weird shit is normal right? Or I would laughed off the request as one fucking big joke.

But this guy really wanted the book.

We will try and get a copy of a biography for you sir.

He then asks for a book on document writing or letter writing.

While trying to process what exactly it is that this man wants, he says…

Oh maybe you have only general reading, no academic books to which I say yes, no academic books

“Chinga tú madre, puto”

Feign ignorance (what would a lowly bookseller know about hispanic cuss words? LULZ.)

Try Gangarams, you have ten minutes before they close.




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