Self Help book reading customer interaction.

We buy preloved books.

Customers come to sell beloved knowledge on paper to us, sometimes they bring crap.

A couple walked in today and brought some books for sale.

They were informed they could leave the books and their contact details, we would evaluate them and give a figure in a day or so.

They act overly protective and one of them says, you might sell the books, we want a letter from you saying that you have received 63 books (of crap, more on this later)

We gave them a letter.

While evaluating the books and hearing of the stupidity of the customers I could not but get well, a little angry.

Most of the books were cyclostyle prints (cheap pirate prints).

We am not against them. We love’em,

Reading is made more accessible, fuck the man. Thing is, it is illegal and ahem, we respect the law so no pirate prints in our store.

Going back to the selection ninety five percent were self help books which we think are mostly shit.

Read some good fiction, learn to help your self by one step first.

Read better books, dammit.

If you are not sure, ask. We love books and chances are pretty high we would suggest something you might just enjoy.

Out of the 63 books we selected four, three reluctantly.

So in conclusion what we have hear is a scientifically proven experiment, despite reading soooooooooo many self books (60) you can still be a numskull.

Read better books, OK?


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