Cunt /ˈkʌnt/ is slang for female genitalia and is a term of abuse for females and males.

So this lady comes to the store some time back and starts talking about Rumi.

Rumi this, Rumi that.

We show her some books on Rumi.

Mention that we can email her the other titles that we can get.

She asks for a title that is not on our list.

We get the book.

She walks in today after a fucking long time and stands in front of me and waits…

You do not remember me?

No, I meet a lot of people.

I was talking about Rumi…

Ah, we got the book you ordered for.
Sits for about 20 minutes and then says she does not want the book that she ordered.

She selects another book and asks to pay by card.

We do not accept cards.

Says she will come tomorrow.

We say why wait till tomorrow for something that can be done today, there is an ATM just around the corner.

Oh, I am too lazy to go to the ATM.



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