How to be happy.

Let us be honest with ourselves for a moment.

Most of us live a life full of trivial pursuits.

Think about it…

To name a few usual suspects.

The phone, the car, the house, the places you hang, the things you talk about, your carnal partners, the work you do.

Does your place of work give you an extreme sense of satisfaction?

To such an extent that, work is no longer work?

I truly believe I have found my love.

She lies within covers waiting to be discovered, waiting to be shared.

Some time back a customer walked in and went on and on about an Indian author who had written two books. The customer had been waiting for years for a third, which was saddening.

The author?

Manu Joseph.

The two books?

Serious Men & The Illicit Happiness of Other People.

The thing is that I have never heard of this man, yes we are a little clueless despite being booksellers.

It kind of happens when you are swimming in a puddle of words when there is an ocean out there.

We do keep our ears and eyes open though.

I went on to read both of the books and from memory seem to have enjoyed both of them.

Fast forward a couple of years to a conversation with my co-worker at the republic, Indra.

I was talking about how I had a problem figuring out which book of his I liked more.

She then said, why dont you get in touch with him, tell him about your predicament and maybe ask him for a reading at the store.

Which I did.

This morning after kicking out a lady from my boudoir, I saw a reply from Manu.

He is going to come to Goobes sometime in Feb.

I kid you not when I am talking about doing something you love.

The first thing you notice is that work seizes to be work, almost immediately.

Things will start manifesting.

People who you need to meet will somehow find themselves in front of you.

Everything will not be perfect, there may be days that you might question your existence.

Shut that voice in your head down immediately, for love does not really come easy.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in a loveless position, reconsider and keep trying out options till you find something you love and love it to death you must.

Then you may thank me for my advice on, how to be happy.

To paraphrase from Stoner, by John Williams.

“You must remember what you are and what you have chosen to become, and the significance of what you are doing. There are wars and defeats and victories of the human race that are not military and that are not recorded in the annals of history. Remember that while you’re trying to decide what to do.”


Had some feed back last week that most of the stuff we write is negative so here is a positive piece. Having said that, we are going back to being our true selves. Peace, bitches.


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