White noise.

Sometimes you feel the desperate urge for silence, with no real success, being a citizen of a city makes this difficult. What are you to do?

The answer to that is really simple you need to seek out white noise because it is beautiful.


It does not speak to you, it sings a song.

Perhaps you are reading a book at home in the evening with the sound of the neighbours being, well themselves.


Now to the ordinary person that might sound like a scream of joy (YEAH), down south it is a loud angry tamilian mother asking her kid to materialize post haste.

You try to read, try.

Switch on the radio, its a fucking weekend there two dick heads sucking each other off on air between club tunes.

Change, channel.

Ouuu, Kannada music, old school.


Fucking advertisement.

Just roll that dial a bit more.

White noise, bliss.


You are in freak town, Goa. Chasing cold beers in a really weird red street bar having the time of your life.


The thing I really do not like with alcohol is that most people tend to get louder with each passing drink.

What if they were loud to begin with?

The obvious earplug suggestion is not a really good one if you really enjoy sound, just not loud ones.

A loud dick-Brit, gloating about how he slit the throat of a rag head during the war in Afghanistan.

Freak town lives up to its name.


Fucking white noise.


You are at work, there is a family with a little girl selecting books.

Familiar face from some time back walks in and starts talking.

Hey memory of the person is good and the conversation is really entertaining.

I would like the tone to go down a bit, I make an exception.

Curse words slipping out like a big mammas titties.

Hey man there is kid in the store, language, please.

The family buys a whole bunch of books. Father says thank you, smiles and says bye.

Mother brings daughter back to the store points to me and nudges the daughter to say thank you.

That was just too cute, kids are just the best, still unspoilt.

White noise continues.


On August 15th 1977 Jerry Ehman was going through printouts of a signal that was overheard at Big Ear, Ohio U. The signal lasted for 72 seconds and has never been detected again. This is at a band of radio frequency from neutral Hydrogen – 1,420MHZ.

This may have been a first sign of contact.

Which is important.

Not so from most of the scientific community who are perusing more sexy things like looking for planets in distant galaxies Goldilocks zone, where it is not too cold or too hot for life.

Or perhaps a quest for a colony on mars as a fail-safe for the human condition.

White noise cancelled, alas.


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