New years plans.

It is that point of time of the year where people have made plans some with friends, some with family, some with strangers. This New Years, I would like to hire a high class hooker and do kinky shit on a bed of newly acquired Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

Yes, you read that right.

Consider the alternatives…

Go out with friends to a big party, no thank you.

Go out with friends to the “catholic club”, hell no.

Hit your favorite brewery get pissed and figure shit as it happens, sounds good.

Hang out with friends at a house party, sounds good.

Hang out with family. UH, huh.

Hot hooker, consumables,  Sci Fi, do I really need to say more?

Think about it, role play takes on a new dimension.

Punishment by a fat volume of Hubbard.


this book could really hurt you.

A nice wack on the ass with Bradbury, long after midnight.


Ray Bradbury, long after midnight.

Role playing by Orwell?


Oink? Oink?

With Asimov, you can go nuts.

Asimov_An_easy_introduction_to_the_slide_rule_non_fiction_science _fiction.

Issac Asimov.

The possibilities are endless.

And those of you who are thinking, whoijyo pay a professional? That is immoral, illegal, whatever, helllooo… in life, you have to pay, one way or the other.

Happy New year, bitches.


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